Tips For Successful Self-Healing

Roberta HladekFounder Article, Roberta Hladek

Each year in America, over $300 billion is spent on prescription drugs. We are essentially a nation that looks to external forces to try to heal us internally. Yet many people are beginning to turn to alternative methods of healing which focus more on internal sources. Self-healing, has always been part of mankind’s knowledge, however, it is becoming both a more powerful and a more commonly used solution, one to which people with all sorts of ailments are turning.

“Many people are skeptical about self-healing, but once they open their mind up to seeing just how powerful it can be, they wish they had discovered it years ago,” explains Roberta Hladek, co-founder of EMC². “Self-healing is the most basic and natural form of therapy there is. We all have the power to heal ourselves; we just need to believe it and make it happen.” Successful self-healing begins with a person’s mindset. What we think we can achieve, we can. Therefore, it is important to learn about that concept and apply it to your life. If you can imagine yourself being free from disease, and use the power of positive thinking to your advantage, you will be able to heal your body. The devil, of course, is in the details: “doing it.” It is, by nature, a spiritual endeavor. But, Hladek points out that spirituality may be facilitated by technology. “It is,” she states, “akin to God who helps those that help themselves”. In addition to using the mind as the primary source of self-healing, tools exist that can help increase your success rate, including the AIM Program for Energetic Balancing program, created by EMC². The program helps to remove any energy imbalances that a person may be experiencing – imbalances that could keep them from achieving the self-healing they seek. The program focuses on aiming continuous energy vibrations at a person’s photos, on 28 different levels. The photos act as a stand-in for the person and, as they receive the vibrations, they transmit that energy to the person in the picture, helping to remove any imbalances. Many people are using this approach as a powerful tool in helping them to heal their body. “It’s a revolutionary spiritual technology that works for people every day, all year long,” says Hladek. “It has helped many people be able to live the life they desire. Life is energy; if that energy is imbalanced, you will not be able to successfully reach your goals. That’s what makes this program so powerful.” The AIM Program for Energetic Balancing is open to families, individuals and even pets. EMC² offers a scholarship program for those with autism and Down Syndrome, so they can take advantage of the tool for free. EMC², based in Las Vegas, is home to the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness. They specialize in providing tips, tools and programs aimed at helping people gain a better understanding of universal energy, self-discovery, and energetic balancing. They offer the AIM Program for Energetic Balancing, which helps people to change their energy frequency to support self-healing. To learn more about EMC², visit the website