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"The aim of energetic balancing is to give the body enough strength,
which I call 'energy', to use its own wisdom and its own resources
to provide a state of well-being."
- Stephen Lewis


Dr. Wayne Dyer - Internationally Reknowned Author and Spiritual Teacher
""Everything is energy. Everything and everyone has a frequency. Those frequencies that are out of balance with our natural harmony can be identified and removed.""


Linda Gray - Actress, Goodwill Ambassador on Women's Issues to the United Nations
""The spiritual technology illustrated in Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness seems quite normal to me and to the many people I have sent to EMC².""


Burt Bacharach - Internationally Known Composer and Performer
""It would be unfortunate for anyone not to avail themselves of AIM Energetic Balancing.""


Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith - Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, Los Angeles, CA
""We live at the threshold of a universal recognition that the human being is not mere matter, but a potent energetic field of consciousness. Healing modalities of the past millennium are quickly giving way to programs like The AIM Program.""

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  Mirella from England - AIM participant since Aug 2020
Tags: Gratitude; Migraines;
Mirella suffered migraines for 30 years. She says they are much less frequent and the length and severity are reduced.    Read more...

  Debra P from Tennessee - AIM participant since May 2001
Tags: 20 years on AIM; Cancer, skin; Skin cancer; Surgery; Wound healing;
Long-time AIM Pariticipant has miraculous recovery from cancer surgery. Doctor says scar healing was miraculous.    Read more...

  Lynda from Colorado - AIM participant since Feb 2008
Tags: Cancer; Kept him alive;
Husbands passing highlights the power of AIM. Lynda feels that AIM kept her husband alive during a long severe illness.    Read more...

  Nicholas from New Jersey - AIM participant since May 2016
Tags: Autism; Confidence; Nail-biting;
Nicky experiences improvements in autism issues after being on the AIM Program    Read more...

  Willemijntje and Ceacillia from Oklahoma - AIM participant since Oct 2022
Tags: Cat; Poison;
Willemijntje the cat recovers from accidental poisoning. Her owner credits the AIM Program.    Read more...

  Jeronimo Giusso from Buenos Aires - AIM participant since Oct 2021
Tags: Energy; Lost; Love; Pain; Pain, lumbar; Relief, amazing; Something missing; Stuck; Weight lifted; Youthfulness;
No longer stuck, no longer lost, weight lifted, pain gone, people say he looks younger and brighter.    Read more...

  Andre LaFreniere from Quebec - AIM participant since Aug 2021
Tags: Acidity; Blood pressure; Bloodshot eyes; Burping; Digestion; Dizziness; Energy; Eyes, bloodshot; Glaucoma; Headaches; High blood pressure; Hypertension; Stomach acidity; Transformation; Walking difficulty; Zero energy;
Andre had so many things wrong, like high blood pressure, glaucoma, zero energy, etc, but his transformation was amazing.    Read more...

  Madelyn Test from Texas - AIM participant since Jan 2006
Tags: 15 years on AIM; Hip Pain; new frequency; Walking difficulty;
Family on AIM for 15+ years, her recent hip pain and walkig difficulty resolved after new frequency revealed and added to AIM trays. Thankful for AIM.    Read more...

  Jonathan Faucher from Canada - AIM participant since March 2020
Tags: Dog; Dwelling; Life improves; Shungite;
Since AIM, big life changes: Shungite works for him; Undesirable neighbors moved away, landlord lets him out of lease; Dog could barely walk, now leads the way.    Read more...

  Liz from Arizona - AIM participant since September 1999
Tags: Cataracts; Dying; Hereditary frequencies; Macular occlusion, incurable;
In 1999, Liz was dying. She found the AIM Program and went on the trays. She says AIM helped her heal herself. Recently doctors said she had an incurable macular occlusion and would go blind. After a new frequency in Liz was put on AIM, Liz says that the incurable occlusion went away.    Read more...

  Hemi P from California - AIM participant since September 2020
Tags: Animals; Animals on AIM; Cat; Eating problem; Pet; Pet aging; Pet energy; Pets;
AIM participant Anita P was told by the veterinarian that Anita's cat Hemi, 24 years old and blind, had not much time to live. Anita put Hemi on AIM and shortly Hemi began a remarkable recovery.    Read more...

  Mohamed K from Algeria - AIM participant since January 2020
Tags: Autism;
Islem's father provides a list of how his son has made improvements with his autism after going on the tray.    Read more...

  Roz B from Las Vegas - AIM participant since November 2003
Tags: Arthritis; Back pain; Career; Clarity; Dreams; Energy increase; Finances; Focus; Pain; Precognition; Promotions; Prosperity; Sanctuary; Walking; Weight loss;
Roz lists the many many ways AIM has improved her life    Read more...

  Winnie the Horse from Washington - AIM participant since April 2019
Tags: Allergies; Allergies, Scotch Broom; Cancer, melanoma; Hives;
Winnie the Horse overcomes life-threatening melanoma and allergy to Scotch Broom    Read more...

  Franklin A from Bel Air, California - AIM participant since April 1999
Tags: Facial paralysis; Paralysis; Ramsay Hunt Syndrome;
After waking up with complete left-side facial paralysis, Franklin healed himself in 6 months, instead of the 1 to 2 years his doctors predicted.    Read more...

  Rev Robert from Texas - AIM participant since September 2002
Tags: Heart attack; Open heart surgery; Triple bypass;
Reverend has a heart attack and a triple bypass. He credits AIM with his excellent recovery;    Read more...

  Richie Kai from Los Angeles - AIM participant since before it began
Tags: Blessing; Healthy lifestyle; Partying; Stomach virus;
On AIM for 32 years, doing it the old way before AIM existed, Richie stays on the program, warns friends to stay away from him because they might "Catch His Wellness."

  Peter B from Pennsylvania - AIM participant since February 1999
Tags: 20 years on AIM; Abundance; Career; Energetic support; Finances; Mental health; Physical health; Relationship; Spiritual focus; Youthfulness;
Attorney Peter B shares his spiritual, relationship, financial, outlook and mental and physical results from being on AIM for 20 years.    Read more...

  Tonja V from Nevada - AIM participant since December 2004
Tags: 13 years on AIM; Anxiety; Career; Courage; Depression; Emotions; Energy; Exhaustion; Fatigue; Fear; Self-doubt; Weight loss; Worry;
On AIM for 13 years, Tonja has more energy than ever and is starting a new career.    Read more...

  Leroy from South Dakota - AIM participant since April 2002
Tags: Aggravation; Bladder; Cancer; Cancer, bone; Immune response; Inflamation; Muscle; Prostate; Swelling; Wellness;
After emotional healing, long-time AIM participant Leroy works through muscle, cancer and bladder issues. He believes AIM was an important part of his complete recovery.    Read more...

  Allison from Montana - AIM participant since August 2013
Tags: Dog; Energetics; House; Pet;
Allison and her home are both on AIM and she says her recently-rescued adopted dog has healed from living in her energetically-cleared home.    Read more...

  Peter from California - AIM participant since March 2017
Tags: Gratitude; PSA;
His upward-trending PSA results change direction. Peter G credits AIM.    Read more...

  Shamim from England - AIM participant since August 2003
Tags: Anger; Cancer; Emotional baggage; Emotional healing; Family; Family healing; Found my voice; Free of outside influence; Life force; Medical doctor (MD); Relationship with parents; Self-healing; True to self;
Shamim used AIM to self-heal unresolved emotional baggage within her family. As an MD, she recommends the AIM Program to her patients.    Read more...

  Troy from Hawaii - AIM participant since November 2011
Tags: Able to communicate; Acne; Anger; Back; Confidence; Depression; Drinking; Emotional healing; Hate; Heart, afib; Immune system; Jealousy; Law of attraction; Love; Mental growth; Physical improvement; Seizures; Skin; Smoking; Spiritual growth; Suicidal; Wealth;
Troy tells how he used AIM to self-heal addiction and thoughts of suicide.    Read more...

  Joicefaie from Idaho - AIM participant since December 2002
Tags: Hand paralysis; Paralysis;
Joicefaie describes how she used AIM to self-heal paralysis in her hand.    Read more...

  Rita from Washington - AIM participant since September 2012
Tags: Emotional healing; Health; IBD; Inflammatory Bowel Disease; Mental healing; Physical health;
Rita describes how she used AIM to self-heal the symptoms that came along with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).    Read more...

  Stewart from California - AIM participant since January 1999
Tags: Diabetes; Family; Family Plan;
Stewart describes how he used AIM to self-heal diabetes.    Read more...

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