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Albert Einstein reputedly said that there are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. The tags 'Miracle' and 'Miraculous' show up where AIM Program participants themselves use those words, but EMC² believes that the AIM Program is all about miracles of transformation and healing whether that word is used or not. As the saying goes, we don't believe in miracles, we rely on them. Each and every personal history revealed through these tags is about the miracle of self-healing with the AIM Program.
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13 years on AIM15 years on AIM
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20 years on AIM
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Ability to relaxAbility to swallowAble to communicateAble to express love
Acupuncture patients improveADHDAggravationAging
AgoraphobiaAlcoholismAlivenessAllergic to everything
AllergiesAllergies, catAllergies, environmentalAllergies, food
Allergies, Scotch BroomAllergy to TitaniumAlpacaAlzheimer's Disease
Animals on AIMAnkleAntsAnxiety
ApathyAppetiteAppetite, loss ofArthritis
AsthmaAtaxiaAthleticsAtrial fibrillation
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)Attitude improvesAttracting goodAutism
Auto-immune problemAvoidance behaviorAwareness
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Baby, healthyBackBack painBad habits
Bad moodBalanceBeing presentBelief in self
Bent bodyBetter in every wayBetter lifeBladder
BlessingBlindnessBlood pressureBodybuilder
BolderBone densityBone healingBowels
BrainBrain fogBrain tumorBraver
Breast cancerBreathingBronchial pulmonary dysphasiaBronchitis
Bronchitis, chronicBurt BacharachBusinessBusiness on AIM
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C-Reactive Proactive ProteinCalmCalmnessCancer
Cancer (hereditary frequency)Cancer, boneCancer, breastCancer, cervical
Cancer, eyeCancer, lymphomaCancer, melanomaCancer, stomach
Cancer, testicularCancer, uterineCanine DiabetesCarcinoma, Stage IV (4)
Cardia dysrhytmia, CHFCareerCatCat Allergies
CataractsCauda Equina SyndromeCerebral PalsyChemical sensitivity
Child excelsChild's learning disability disappearsChildren on AIMCholesterol
Chronic illnessClarityClarity in lifeClear thinking
Clearing old traumaClearing ritual abuseCloud liftedCoeliac Disease
CognitionCold soresColdsCompassion
ConfidenceConfidence, loss ofCongestionCongestive heart failure
ConnectednessConnection to sourcesConscious healingConscious, becoming
Corneal abrasionCourageCreative abilityCyst
Cystic fibrosis
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DepressionDespairDetox, emotionalDetox, energetic
DiabetesDiarrheaDietDietary issues
DigestionDigestive problemsDivorceDizziness
Doesn't get sickDogDominant Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (DDEB)Down Syndrome
Dr. Wayne DyerDrama, no moreDrawing right people into lifeDreams
DrinkingDrivingDrug addictionDrusen
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EaseEating problemEczemaEmotion, releasing negative
Emotional baggageEmotional balanceEmotional clarityEmotional detox
Emotional healingEmotional healthEmotional IssuesEmotional trauma
Emotional well-beingEmotional wellnessEmotionally conflictedEmotionally open
EmotionsEmpowermentEndorsementsEnergetic support
EnergeticsEnergizer bunnyEnergyEnergy field apparent to others in meditation group
Energy increaseEnergy increased in teenagersEnthusiasm for lifeExhaustion
Eye cancerEyesEyesightEyesight improves
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Facial paralysisFamilyFamily healingFamily on AIM
Family PlanFamily, condition ran inFatigueFatigue, muscle
FearFeeling better about thingsFeeling more connectedFeeling unworthy
Feels better than everFeels better than in many yearsFeetFeline AIDS
Feline LymphomaFeng shui - home break-inFeng shui - house fireFibroids
FluFocusFoodFood poisoning
Food toleranceForgivingFound my voiceFree of outside influence
FriendshipsFrustratedFur loss
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Gall bladder attackGall stonesGastronomyGenetic disorder
GlaucomaGluten intoleranceGoal cardsGoals
GoutGrateful for AIMGratitudeGrowth
Growth on spineGuilt
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HairHair lossHand paralysisHandicap, improvement of
Handling pressureHappierHappinessHarmony
HateHeadachesHealing fastHealing old physical injuries
Healing, rapidHealthHealth, overallHealth, physical
HealthierHealthyHealthy babyHealthy lifestyle
HearingHeart attackHeart beat irregularHeart center
Heart diseaseHeart irregularitiesHeart murmurHeart problems
Heart valvesHeart, afibHeart, asymetricalHeart, mitral valve
HeartacheHepatitis BHepatitis CHereditary cancer
Hereditary frequenciesHernia - hiatalHerpesHiatal hernia
High blood pressureHip PainHipsHives
Hodgkin's diseaseHopeHormonal imbalanceHormone levels
HormonesHorseHouseHouse - break-in
House - fireHouse - lawn problemHouse on AIMHypertension
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IBDImmune responseImmune systemIn-vitro AIM
Incurable diseaseInflamationInflammatory Bowel DiseaseInflammatory Myopathy, Weght loss
InsightIntentions, sticking toIntestinesIntuition
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Judgmental to self and others
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KidneyKnee surgeryKnees
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Law of attractionLethargyLibidoLife back to normal
Life forceLife improvesLife is easierLife works better
LifelessnessLimited activityLinda GrayLiver
Loss of interest in livingLoveLovingLoving life
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Macular DegenerationMacular occlusion, incurableMarriageMass
MastocytosisMCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)Medical doctor (MD)Meditation
Menstrual cycleMental clarityMental focusMental fog
Mental growthMental healingMental healthMental illness
Mental well-beingMetabolic systemMetabolismMicroencephaly
MigrainesMind chatterMiracleMiraculous
Mitral Valve ProlapseMixed Personality DisorderMood DisorderMood, better
MovingMultiple chemical sensitivityMultiple Sclerosis (MS)Muscle
Muscle fatigueMysterious illness
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Natural CuresNauseaNeck painNeck tension
Negative emotion, releasingNegativityNerve damageNeurological
NeuropathyNever felt betterNever sick anymore
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new frequency
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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)Old injury finishes healingOlympic swimmerOpen heart surgery
Optic Nerve Head DrusenOptimismOsteoporosisOutlook on life
Outlook on life changedOverall healthOveruse SyndromeOverwhelmed
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PainParalysisParanoid SchizophreniaPartying
PeacePeace of mindPeacefulPersonal growth
Personal powerPetPet agingPet energy
PetsPhysical healthPhysical improvementPhysical injuries, healing old
PimplesPlantar FascitisPlantsPneumonia
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS)Polyps, uterinePrecognitionPregnancy
Pregnancy, easyPresent for lifeProactivePromotions
Property on AIMProsperityProstatePSA
PsoriasisPsychiatric disability
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Quality of lifeQuiet mindQuit smokingQuitting AIM
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RageRakimRamsay Hunt SyndromeRapid recovery after dental surgery
RashReassuranceRebelliousnessReflex sympathetic dystrophy
RefreshedRehabRelationshipRelationship with parents
Relationships improveRelaxedReleasing traumaRenewing AIM
Rental propertyResentmentResistanceResistance is futile
RespiratoryRev. Dr. Michael BeckwithRheumatoid arthritisRight livelihood found
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SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)SadnessSanctuarySAT scores
Scar disappearsSchizophreniaSchoolworkSciatica
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)Seasonal allergiesSeizureSeizures
Sensitivity to substances and emotionsSerious illness (unspecified)Severe DepressionShame
Shortcomings, physical, emotional and mentalShoulder InjuryShungiteSickness, chronic
Sinus infectionSkepticalSkeptical about AIMSkin
Skin rashSleepSleep apneaSleeping
Spider biteSpineSpiritSpiritual becoming
Spiritual connectionSpiritual focusSpiritual fullfillmentSpiritual growth
Spiritual healingSpiritual improvementSpiritual lightSpiritually conflicted
Spirtual supportSteroids (quit)StomachStomach cancer
Stomach issuesStomach surgeryStomach upsetStomach virus
StrengthStrength, emotionalStrength, mentalStrength, physical
Sunlight, tolerance toSurgery, healing withoutSurgery, recovery afterSwelling
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T-cell LymphomaTeenagers have increased vitalityTemperTemperament
TerrorThinking abilityThinking clearlyThoracic outlet syndrome
Triple bypassTrue to selfTrustTumor
Tumor, brainTurbo-healingTurner's Syndrome
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UpsetUrinary tract infectionUrineUterine cancer
Uterine fibroidsUterine polyps
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VaccinationVertigoViral condition, chronicVision
Vision problemsVitalityVomiting
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walking difficulty
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WartsWayne DyerWealthWeight
Weight lossWell-beingWellnessWellness, feeling of
West Nile VirusWheelchairWorking outWorry
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