Acquired Imbalance

– an energetic imbalance that is acquired in this lifetime and that can be acquired in the same ways that diseases can be acquired, i.e. coming into contact with a person who already has the imbalance, being bitten by an insect, consuming contaminated food or water, breathing in airborne imbalances and so on, versus a hereditary or karmic imbalance.


– refers to a state of an imbalance, something currently fully expressed. Energetic imbalances acquired in this lifetime are always active. Hereditary imbalances may be in a state of potential or may change their energy level and become active. You are usually aware of active imbalances because they manifest as some level of discomfort or distress. See the article States of Imbalance.


– “all inclusive method”, where over 500,000 balancing energies are made available to you, 24/7 to help you self-heal your energetic imbalances. You select whatever frequencies you need, as you need them, to remove your imbalances, bypassing the rest, versus the pre-AIM/private practice days when individual energetic evaluations were necessary and remedy drops were taken based on which imbalances were found at the time.

Anti-aging Frequencies

– refers to specific frequencies to help you re-vitalize and retard the aging process and also to balancing energies that help you heal imbalances that have the potential for manifesting as things commonly associated with aging, such as dementia, arthritis, hearing or vision loss, etc. Some of the targeted anti-aging frequencies are: T cell frequencies, frequencies to assist regeneration, frequencies to increase stamina & vitality, frequencies to increase respiratory capacity, frequencies to help with kerostosis (aging skin on neck) and frequencies related to sexual function, to name a few.

Biological Age

– age at which the body is functioning based on the abundance of and significance of active hereditary imbalances present in consciousness; for AIM participants, sometimes referred to as one’s ideal biological age. As of late 2011, those on AIM with life forces of 100 have a biological age of 21-23, versus 95+ for those just starting on AIM, regardless of chronological age.

Biological age of those on AIM long enough to have a life force of 100 had been consistently at 29-30, from pre-AIM days until December 2009, when a key prevalent imbalance was revealed and added to AIM, and it then dropped for the first time ever to 26. Several frequency additions since then have resulted in additional declines in biological age for AIM participants.


– a term often used by EMC² to signify someone has removed an energetic imbalance from their consciousness and it no longer would show as present in them. Physical and emotional clearing or healing may lag a bit behind the removal of an imbalance from one’s consciousness.


– Stephen Lewis defines this as the degree to which you perceive your connection to everyone and everything without exception. The purpose of AIM is to raise the life force of living beings, allowing them a greater ability to increase their consciousness, if that is their choice. We often refer to the work of David Hawkins, author of Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior and his consciousness level scale therein. Consciousness is not the same thing as life force; and you raise life force by removing hereditary imbalances from consciousness and you raise consciousness by your intention to do so. You can have a high level of consciousness and a low life force as you begin on AIM. Or you can eventually achieve a high life force with the help of AIM yet still have a low consciousness level. EMC² believes the presence of imbalances block the flow of life force, and hence do impact one’s ability to raise consciousness. Consciousness levels are NOT checked for any AIM participants, although Stephen may at times check his own or that of someone he knows simply to see if there is any correlation in the healing of certain imbalances and one’s ability to then also further raise their level of consciousness.


– the process of self-healing imbalances or removing them from consciousness where hidden things are brought to the surface and may be felt depending on all the variables that make each person unique, and hence make their healing process and experience unique. We may feel things physically and/or emotionally. We also may heal many things with no apparent awareness of that healing other than a cumulative effect of a rising life force and greater healing capacity and sense of well-being.

There is no way of knowing what your experience will be. Ultimately, the rate and extent of all healing is dependent upon the individual. All AIM is doing is compelling you to heal yourself, 24/7, by not giving you a break from selecting whatever balancing energies you need until you remove all your imbalances. Your higher consciousness is in charge, so there is nothing you can physically do to speed up the process, nor will you overload yourself by taking on too much. The updates on new frequencies revealed and added to AIM are provided simply to keep you informed – you may or may not have any of the imbalances and if you do, what, if anything, you may feel as you heal them may be similar to the descriptions EMC² provides or may be unique to you.


– Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, LLC, aka EMC “squared”, a for profit church of consciousness. EMC² believes you cannot separate consciousness, healing and spirituality, and that healing is highly spiritual. People of all religions utilize AIM.

Energetic Uncertainty

– “EU”, previously termed “Eligibility Evaluation” pre-AIM (and in Sanctuary), in that previously, if there was concern that an applicant might not have the inner capacity to raise life force and heal their imbalances, they were said to be “ineligible” for Energetic Balancing. That is no longer the case, but the EU check is still done for all applicants. EMC² believes anything can be healed, but when we are not absolutely certain that a participant will be able to heal himself of all energetic imbalances they have using the spiritual technology of the AIM Program, we feel ethically compelled to reveal that information. This is what is referred to in the EU Waiver box on page 4 of the AIM Application.

The most important message that should be conveyed is that, in our experience, most participants who have the frequency of Energetic Uncertainty have succeeded in healing themselves and no longer show the EU frequency. The exception to this is when the EU is due to the presence of a systemic parasite imbalance, or to the presence of the frequency of heavy metal toxicity, both of which are acquired imbalances, although this does not mean that the applicant or participant cannot heal every other imbalance they have that is a part of AIM. It is simply disclosing that AIM does not appear to have balancing energies that seem to assist the participant in the removal of these two types of imbalances. It also does not mean the participant cannot heal either of them, although the healing of a parasite imbalance is not yet a common occurrence. Lastly, the presence of either of these two types of imbalances in no way blocks one’s ability to heal all other imbalances, although they will do so at a slower rate than those without such an imbalance when there is a negative impact on life force. See also Is there anything AIM cannot help me heal? – section III in the Q & A.

Enhancing Frequencies

– a unique category of frequencies that help you further enhance your life; positive frequencies to help you elevate your consciousness if you so choose – frequencies such as perpetual gratitude, unconditional love, courage, creativity, self-acceptance and hundreds more. Your intention to grow and feel connected, i.e. to raise consciousness, plays a part in your utilization of these frequencies. This is in contrast to hereditary frequencies and man-made frequencies, the balancing energies for which participants automatically choose as a matter of basic instinct or survival. Some use these frequencies to a greater extent than others. Others may not tap in to them at all. Generally, once a participant has been on AIM long enough and has self-healed all hereditary imbalances, they may experience an even greater ability to more fully utilize these balancing energies.


– a term used to describe the fact that you don’t get a break on AIM. You, via your higher consciousness, are constantly selecting whatever balancing energies you need to help you remove energetic imbalances, and you select them for as long as you need each of them until the imbalance is removed from your consciousness. In your first year on AIM, this is pretty much non-stop. Your higher consciousness is doing a very focused healing of each imbalance, in whatever order you need to heal each of them.


– everything is energy, and hence, everything has a frequency. Those frequencies what are not in harmony with your natural state of well-being or that seek to destroy that natural state are referred to as imbalances and can be identified, in consciousness, and removed by you, more quickly by you utilizing AIM and the corresponding balancing frequencies available to you to help you remove them. Frequencies can be karmic/hereditary or acquired.


– to heal means to become whole. Healing is in contrast to attempting to treat or cure disease, as it refers to removing the cause of the physically manifested disease or issue – or the potentials for it. EMC² uses the term self-healing to describe AIM as no one can heal you – only you can heal you, but AIM can help you heal far beyond what you could or would heal on your own.

Hereditary Imbalance

– a predisposition for energetic imbalance inherited from your parents – or something they inherited or acquired that was not healed and was passed on; this encompasses unresolved etiologic emotional imbalances and ultimately karmic imbalances, all of which are addressed as you use AIM to self-heal. EMC² believes imbalances in consciousness are precursors or potentials for negative physical manifestation and that they represent inherent weaknesses onto which any and every imbalance subsequently acquired (or inherited by your offspring if not healed by you) will layer. Hereditary imbalances are your template for your personal energetic disaster.

Stephen often quotes “It’s not the seed, it’s the soil.” If you have no inherent weaknesses, i.e., hereditary imbalances, then what you are exposed to and acquire, excluding a bullet or lethal dose of something, will be of little impact to you, versus being the “last straw” for someone with active hereditary imbalances due to the presence of the frequency of immune deficiency, which everyone seems to have.

Every hereditary imbalance has one or more associated emotional imbalances linked to it. When you truly heal using AIM, you heal on all levels as they are all connected, despite our tendency to not perceive their connection.


– an energetic frequency that negatively impacts you and/or your life force and that is not in harmony with well-being. EMC² believes energetic imbalances are the precursors for eventual negative physical manifestations. Please see the article States of Imbalance, by Evan Slawson, for more information on terms used to describe how imbalances are acquired and their different “energy levels”. EMC² may refer to “the frequency of autism” or of cancer or of heart disease, etc. This does not mean there is only one such imbalance – there are many imbalances directly associated with autism, many types of malignancy frequencies that Stephen has identified (way more than there are types of cancer known in Western medicine) and many, many imbalances that impact the energetic orb of the heart. See also layers.

Karmic Imbalances

– As noted in the States of Imbalance article, these are unresolved negative emotions carried over from a time before this lifetime. Because they precede all other energetic imbalances they can have very far-ranging effects. Those effects even include determining which hereditary imbalances you have and subsequently which imbalances you acquire in this lifetime. We also refer to karmic imbalances as an energy level.

Known Imbalance

– an imbalance that has previously been identified, such that balancing energies for it are on the AIM trays to help anyone who may have it self-heal it – versus “unknown”, which means not previously or not yet identified, and hence for which there are not yet specific balancing energies on AIM.


– a term used to describe how imbalances settle in a person’s inherent area(s) of weakness as imbalances are passed on from generation to generation if they are not healed, and also as acquired imbalances are not healed and seek those same weak areas, a “safe haven” in you, in order to survive.

Life Force

– your healing capacity, your personal energy you use to create your life. This is uniquely measured by EMC² in units of consciousness, on a scale of 0 to 100 and is not a measure of wellness nor is it equivalent to any medical test or an indication of physical health. You may feel perfectly healthy and have a low life force due to numerous hereditary imbalances you have that have reached an active status. When Sanctuary was written in 1998 (all but the Epilogues), everyone had initial life forces (before going on AIM) in the mid 90’s. Due to immune deficiency imbalances acquired, and all hereditary imbalances reaching an active status soon thereafter, life forces dropped in 2000-2001, to the single digits for adults, and continued to decline to an average of .00002 for most adults in the urban US and other developed countries as of 2012. Pets coming on AIM are still in the mid 90’s; kids are not usually as low as adults, but their life forces have also declined dramatically.

An interesting fact is that if the parents have been on AIM long enough when the child is conceived and/or the mother has been on AIM long enough and for the entire time she is pregnant, when the newborn is placed on AIM, it will often have a life force of 100.

The hope is that a life force of 100 will one day mean no remaining hereditary imbalances; however, previously unknown hereditary imbalances continue to be found, though the bulk of them are not at all common. EMC² believes that many on AIM, as of the spring of 2012, may well have detoxed all their hereditary imbalances, such that now they can focus on managing their life force and raising consciousness, versus “detoxing”.

In performing special rechecks, Stephen may utilize life force scales that exceed 100, but this is still the scale used for regular annual life force checks of participants.

Long Enough

– a term used to describe the point at which a participant has removed all known imbalances on AIM and may appear to have no more remaining hereditary imbalances. This may be well in to the second year on AIM, depending on how many imbalances are revealed after one starts their AIM Program.


– the portion of the energetic matrix that manifests as a specific body part, such as the orb of the kidney or the orb of the brain.


– a category of hereditary imbalances that refers to an incomplete protein. Stephen has identified over 3000 prion frequencies, about 10% of which are hereditary imbalances. There are only a few even known in Western medicine (mad cow’s disease for one). As written about in Sanctuary, it was the discovery of how to identify this type of imbalance that allowed people on AIM to finally achieve life forces of 100.


– the often unconscious unwillingness to face that which you’ve chosen to hide; perceiving temporary discomfort of healing imbalances as a worsening versus part of the healing process. The art of allowing positive vibrations to flow through you is of immense assistance as you undertake the extensive healing the AIM Program makes possible for you. Participants are advised to remember that AIM is not doing anything to you other than helping you heal the imbalances you created on some level. The entire experience of healing and the rate and extent of all healing is up to the individual.


– a common category of energetic imbalances that means the imbalance came from a bug bite. If Stephen refers to a hereditary ricketsial imbalance, that means a parent or someone in the family history was bitten by something, acquired some imbalance (more likely a number of them) that was not healed and then passed it on. Of course there are many ricketsial imbalances that are acquired if we are bitten by something. While AIM has thousands of balancing energies to assist participants in healing acquired imbalances, not just hereditary imbalances, you may recall that Max, in Sanctuary, was not fond of bugs of any kind and still highly recommends a good pest control company.


– knowing that you create everything in your world, whether you classify something as good or bad, positive or negative – this includes your imbalances. This is why you are the only one who can heal you. AIM is just a tool you use to do the work. EMC²’s job is to make all the balancing energies possible available to you, 24/7. Then, the participant takes over. The experience of healing, the rate and extent of all healing is up to the individual, not AIM. This is one of the Tenets of EMC². There is also a 2010 AIM Essentials call on these tenets.

Special Recheck

– If deemed necessary by EMC², a special recheck is done for the sole purpose of trying to see if there is some still hidden hereditary imbalance or chronic imbalance in a participant’s consciousness, something that they may still be attempting to heal but for which there are additional balancing energies that can be identified to help speed and complete that healing by adding them to the AIM trays, i.e., to identify something unknown. They cannot be done until a participant has been on AIM long enough to have self-healed all “known” imbalances (imbalances for which there are already balancing energies on AIM). That may be into the second year on AIM for as long as previously unknown hereditary imbalance are still being revealed and added to AIM. Your Facilitator can advise you on all aspects of a special recheck, including the concise information you will need to provide to them if deemed appropriate. They will also explain to you that these rechecks will not diagnose anything, and will neither confirm nor dispute any medical test or diagnosis. Your Facilitator will direct you to AIM Essentials calls on Special Rechecks to aid in your understanding of them.

Once submitted, the recheck request is in the system, what we call a “queue”, and it will get done, but there is no way to tell you when. That is dependent on many variables, including the number of and prevalence of any newly revealed imbalances added to AIM. If Stephen starts a special recheck and finds that the person is currently showing to be dealing with known imbalances, the recheck will be set aside until such time as he deems appropriate.

If you return to AIM after being off for more than 6 months, you may need to be back on AIM for 8 months before requesting a special recheck depending on the rate at which new frequencies are being revealed to EMC² at the time.


– a term used to indicate that a given issue is impacted by multiple energetic imbalances, not just one.

Systemic Parasite Imbalances

– these are acquired imbalances that are different from simple candida. AIM does not yet have any balancing energies to assist participants in self-healing these imbalances. People do seem able to heal malaria and giardia. See Is there anything AIM cannot help people heal? In section III of the Q & A.

The “Trays”

– the output portion of the AIM Program, where over 500,000 balancing energies are transmitted via large computer banks and where participants photos are placed in constant contact. There are 8 “sets” of these large metal trays onto which your digitized photograph (one of many on large sheets of special paper) is placed providing your higher consciousness access non-stop to any and all balancing energies you need as you are ready for them. View the 2.5 minute Virtual Tray Tour video.


– to strengthen, to continue to heal the effects of all the hereditary imbalances you have removed from your consciousness – effects on mind, emotions, body and spirit/soul. When you are no longer focusing on removing imbalances, your capacity to tonify is greatly enhanced as you can more fully utilize the enhancing frequencies and anti-aging frequencies available to you on AIM. But you must still make the choice to do so by choosing to increase your perception of your connection to everyone and everything, ie, choosing to raise your consciousness.


– a term used to indicate that the frequency of heavy metals or chemicals is beyond “normal” levels and is at a toxic level, which may trigger the presence of energetic uncertainty in the participant. This does not mean the participant cannot heal the frequency – it is a disclosure to state that AIM does not have balancing energies which seem to help the participant heal the frequency of heavy metal or chemical toxicity.

Your Facilitator can guide you to various audios and other resources available on their web site to aid in expanding your understanding of these terms and concepts which will in turn deepen your understanding of your role in everything and your appreciation for the comprehensiveness of AIM. There is also an index in the back of Sanctuary that is helpful. In fact, many participants report using that and even reading the book a second time or more is invaluable.

You will find the same to be true of the article States of Imbalance by Evan Slawson, and also the Tenets of EMC².