Take a virtual AIM Program Tray Tour with EMC² Founder Roberta Hladek. This short video will give you an inside look at the Quantum Consciousness Imprinting Device (QID) developed by EMC². The QID is the output portion of The AIM Program called “the trays” which hold thousands of photographs of AIM participants.


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Virtual Tray Tour Transcript

Welcome to the EMC² virtual tray tour. I’m Roberta Hladek, co-founder of EMC². Each year, people from all over the world send their application and photograph. Thousands of people are currently participating in The AIM Program of Energetic Balancing. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the Tray Room.

Once your AIM application and photograph are received, it is tested for the Life Force measurement and entered in our database. Your photograph is then digitized to a 1-inch square and printed out on 11 by 14 sheets just like this. Your photograph is your energetic stand in for you. Now we could use a drop of blood, a lock of your hair, or a fingernail, anything that’s unique to you. What we like to do is use your photograph; it’s easier for us to identify.

While on The AIM Program your photograph is in each of these 8 cabinets. Every frequency stored in the master computer database is being sent to the 27 trays in each of these cabinets. These frequencies are being sent to you via your photograph 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Each balancing frequency has its own vibration, just as you and I have our own vibration. As the frequencies are being sent to these metal trays, the trays then vibrate. We as individuals match up those vibrations that we wish to balance. Once we balance the vibration of the frequency we wish to clear, that frequency leaves us. Thus raising our Life Force and our level of consciousness. Remember AIM is just a tool to help us heal ourselves, we are our own healers.

AIM is equally effective for adults, children, pets and even houses. Many people find while being on The AIM Program they experience better relationships, more confidence, attract more prosperity and have more energy and wellness. These are just a few of the benefits. I hope you have enjoyed our AIM Program Tray tour. We have a lot of wonderful AIM Participants from all over the world, we hope you’ll be next. Contact your facilitator to learn how to enroll today or request an AIM Application through this website.