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Stephen Lewis is the developer of the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing, co- founder of EMC² (The Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, LLC) and co-author of Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness. Decades of extensive studies of quantum mechanics, energetic balancing, spirituality, consciousness, oriental philosophy and medicine, and years of work with a variety of healing modalities including homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic, combined with the inspiration of numerous mentors from physicists to the great spiritual teachers led him to several degrees in the healing arts and a highly successful healing practice in Santa Monica, CA. The waiting list for new patients was known to be months, even years.

In time, every influence and discipline in his life merged with key revelations to provide the foundations for the spiritual evaluation and energetic balancing technology known as the AIM Program (All Inclusive Method) of Energetic Balancing, allowing him to close his private practice in 1999 to much more affordably and effectively bring this spiritual healing technology to the world, rather than servicing just a select few who could afford to be patients. Stephen offers this uniquely powerful and comprehensive 24/7 self-healing and empowerment tool to nearly 60,000 people world-wide and since 2003, gifts the program to anyone with the energetic frequency of Autism, a way of giving back inspired by his association with Dr. Wayne Dyer. A 50% discount is also offered to the scholarship participant’s primary parent, although the participation of the entire family is encouraged. Two other types of scholarships are currently offered, one for the frequency of Down syndrome (since 2006) and another for cystic fibrosis (since 2010).

The purpose of AIM is to find energetic imbalances in consciousness (what EMC² believes to be the precursors of or predispositions for potential negative physical manifestation and impediments to higher consciousness), where everything is created, and provide over half million balancing energies to help the participant self-heal or remove those negative potentials in order to increase their life force, well-being and consciousness. Imbalances are negative vibrations that are hereditary/karmic and emotional; others are acquired imbalances, naturally occurring in nature or that can be man-made, and that can be acquired daily.

AIM also includes thousands of enhancing or empowerment frequencies, such as perpetual gratitude and unconditional love – constant, positive vibrational energies to assist in elevating consciousness and to further increase one’s healing capacity. “Anti-aging” is another category of balancing energies helping most participants reach a level of well-being beyond anything they’ve known before. What if your “biological age” could be 23, regardless of your chronological age?

It is the belief of EMC² that anything that blocks the flow of life force energy, the energy each of us has available to self-heal and to create and manage our life, inhibits the ability to increase consciousness, the ultimate goal of AIM. The beauty of AIM is that the participant is healing non-stop, 24/7, while they continue their busy life. A participant selects through their innate knowing or higher consciousness whatever balancing energies they personally need via their hologram, their energetic footprint – anything unique to them and their consciousness, in this case, their photograph. That hologram is their 24/7 connection to hundreds of thousands of vibrating balancing energies transmitted to metal plates or “trays” via EMC²’s QID data banks on which digital copies of their photo are placed.*

To most, this sounds rather far out if not unbelievable. Yet most believe in the power of prayer, and all they can say for sure about prayer is that it is powerful, vibrational energy.

Just as EMC² believes that hereditary imbalances exist in consciousness, and are the precursors for eventual physical manifestation if not self-healed, your removal of them from your consciousness removes the ability for them to be passed on to offspring and removes their manifestation potential, even allowing things already physically manifested to be healed by you in time, barring some physical damage or degeneration. As Stephen frequently says, “You heal first in consciousness – DNA just tags along.”

With the help of AIM, we truly believe it is possible to become the first in the history of your family with no family history (except of course for the good stuff).

Sanctuary-Straight_140x208Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness, co-authored with Evan Slawson in 1998, is a masterfully written story of Jane’s healing journey from a weak cancer/chemo victim to an empowered, healthy manager of her own well-being, along the way discovering that true well-being encompasses every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s a book of truth, insights, inspiration and humor disguised as a novel, intended to remind us that we are the only ones who can heal ourselves, that we have the power and responsibility to do so, and to chronicle the evolution of Stephen’s work from private practice days (described in the bulk of the book) into the AIM Program, the 24/7 spiritual technology described in the two Epilogues.

Those who understand that indeed, everything is energy, and those who believe in prayer often more easily embrace holographic theory and EMC²’s use of photographs and “trays”, versus office visits and taking homeopathic or frequency “remedies” as was the case in Stephen’s pre-AIM, private practice days. Recurring themes are that only YOU can heal you, as we in effect created, brought with us and inherited and acquired our imbalances in the first place; that AIM is a powerful, comprehensive and incessant tool to help you heal yourself much more rapidly and thoroughly than you otherwise could or would; that healing is vastly different from attempting to treat or “cure” the physical symptoms of the causal energetic imbalances; and self-responsibility.

“Though fictional in nature, Sanctuary is about a real place where we can discover the true nature of dysfunction in our lives and how we can better achieve well-being . . . a story of hope for those with problems and inner imbalances that have persisted despite their best efforts.”Dr. Richard Gerber

The book is available in most large book stores, on, Kindle and as an audio book through EMC². The Prologue and two Epilogues (in 5 languages) can also be read here.

A growing list of transformational leaders and well known celebrities endorse and utilize AIM as their powerful, foundational spiritual healing tool, including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Herb Alpert, Burt Bacharach, Linda Gray and Kevin Trudeau (Kevin refers to AIM as his “health assurance”). Stephen is featured in the book “Peak Vitality” and is recommended in Kevin’s Natural Cures books; his articles have appeared in numerous magazines, including Science of Mind, The Chiropractic Journal and Creations Magazine; and he’s a featured guest on a wide variety of radio shows and empowerment conference call series, including Healing with the Masters in both 2008 and 2009. AIM participants are adults, kids, and pets of all types all over the world.

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*For a visualization, the “Virtual Tray Tour video” is a 2.5 minute glimpse of the process of Stephen doing a life force evaluation on a new participant, using their photo, and the subsequent digitizing of the photo for placing on the AIM trays into which all the balancing vibrations or frequencies are transmitted, 24/7. Along with that, view a 15 minute Energetic Eval Demo of Stephen doing a “mini-eval” for someone not yet on AIM, explaining just some of the hereditary imbalances he finds present in her consciousness, and how each of us has the capacity to become the “first in the history of your family with no family history”.

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