Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness
Written by EMC² Founders Stephen Lewis & Evan Slawson

More than half a century after Einstein first described the energetic unity of the world, we are finally beginning to understand the spiritual and mystical implications of his discovery. Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness is about the miraculous possibilities that emerge when we view the universe as the spiritual manifestation of our unitive consciousness.

Used by thousands of people to-date, the futuristic techniques illustrated in this book are now available to you!

Peak Vitality:
Raising the Threshold of Abundance in Our Material,
Spiritual, and Emotional Lives

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There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem
By Dr. Wayne Dyer
Selected Excerpts from Pages 183-184

I prefer to think of any disease or injury problem in terms of energy. As you recall from reading the chapters in the first half of this book, all is energy and energy is a vibration. When your body is immobilized in any way it is due to frequencies that are incompatible with your personal higher harmony frequencies of perfect health, as created by spirit. When you are able to identify the frequencies of disease and provide new energetic solutions, the negative frequencies can be permanently dislodged and removed. Your job in bringing pardon to injury is to first be energetically balanced.

I encourage you once again to look back in chapter two to Patanjali’s observations on higher awareness. When you become steadfast in your abstention from ignorance (false identification with the ego) you are able to bless and even heal yourself and others by your mere presence in their energy fields. Being balanced energetically is actually returning to your normal state of grace by meditating, having unconditionally loving thoughts, feeling connected to spirit, being cheerful and, in essence, living in the faster vibration of higher spiritual consciousness. In those higher frequencies, there is no room for the idea of something being impossible or incurable.

My friend Stephen Lewis has written a book titled Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness. It is a novel yet it is based on fact as he knows it. He writes enthusiastically of healing energies and the removal of incompatible energies from the body. Some of it sounds “way out” and will be rejected by those who are entrenched in the exclusive model of medicines, drugs, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy as the only treatment modalities available for removing diseases from our lives.

I have been in the energetic balancing program and have seen it work for others and me in my life. Remaining open to all possibilities has allowed me to see a breakthrough into a healing consciousness, and a deeper awareness of well-being.

I have a very strong knowing that there is much in the universe and energy balancing that has yet to be touched on. Letting go of the concept of incurable allows you to truly move into the realm of perfect harmonious energy, which is what is meant by spiritual consciousness, and to realize that there is nothing in God consciousness that wants us to be warped or injured or plagued by disease. Recognize your own spiritual perfection and you will come to know the absurdity of anything ever being viewed as impossible.

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