Below is a summary of the individual plan payment options, and the option. One of the many incredible benefits of the AIM Program is that people can participate at a fraction of the cost incurred when office visits and evaluations were needed (the “pre-AIM” days). And the price has NOT increased since the beginning of the AIM program in 1999 – in fact, the plan, first offered in 2003, is a dramatic price reduction for qualified members. Your Facilitator can discuss the options with you, answer your questions and will review the forms with you before you submit them with your photo(s).

Aim Plans



A Year
  • 14 Months*
  • $2.35/day



a year
  • 14 Months*
  • $1.88/day



A year
  • 14 Months*
  • $1.18/day



A Year
  • 12 Months
  • $.082/day

* includes 12 paid months plus 2 free bonus months for paid-in-full individual programs.


When you purchase a plan, you save nearly 60% off an individual program. For $2,000 – any combinations of 5 members, animals or houses can be combined for a program. To qualify as members, people must be related by blood, marriage, adoption, by being a member’s significant other or by being related to a significant other member. Only significant others must live in the same household.

Disability Reduction

We do offer a 50% price reduction for adult participants on permanent disability for 3 years or longer. Please contact us for more information at

Scholarship Programs

EMC² offers two complimentary scholarship programs for any individual with the frequency of or Down Syndrome. To date hundreds of individuals with the frequency of Autism or the frequency of Downs Syndrome have received the AIM Program at no cost.