Tamera from Montana – AIM participant since January 2011

AIM ProgramTestimonial

My name is Tamera and I live in Montana. I had been working on regaining my through balancing and clearing for about 4 years before discovering the Program through one of Kevin Trudeau’s books that my mom gave me. One of the conditions I had been dealing with for the past two and a half years was , and the only thing that gave me relief was a biofeedback device, I thought “Woo Hoo” to myself and immediately applied. That was in February 2011. Within a couple of weeks on AIM the swelling and itching had almost disappeared, and over the course of the next 14-15 months, all of the scaly spots went away and the scarring has pretty much faded into nonexistence as well.

Although the psoriasis is no longer part of my , many other areas of my life have shifted. I also credit the balancing received and maintained by participating in AIM with the vibrant well being I experience on a daily basis. I never get colds or anything that seems to be going around, with what seems to be an amazing speed when I injure myself, and overall just feel and energetic and eager to meet each day. The pain that had been a constant companion for decades has departed, I am certainly more and confident and seem to have “” so to say (pun intended). AIM? Likely a big part of it, at least in my mind. I am self-employed and have chosen to forgo expensive health insurance that I am unlikely to use and consider my continued participation in the AIM Program the best health (or continued wellness) insurance out there. I can say that overall I feel younger and experience less pain in every area of my body than I did 3 years ago, due in large part I think to the AIM Program and the clearing of non-useful energy frequencies and plan to continue with EMC² and their program as far into the future as I can see.