Shamim from England – Enrolled on AIM August 2003

AIM ProgramTestimonial

My first experiences of going on the programme in 2003 included a clear, distinct feeling of having , relieved to no longer be a doormat to the world, a sense of closing the door to outside influences, finally allowing myself to be true to me.

I remember Stephen testing me a few times saying that he found me to be clearing frequencies of amongst others most of which had come through from my mother. Not surprisingly I had a tough time throughout my earlier years being “at war”, having a “love – ” relationship with my mother and feeling the need to attend endless workshops to try to resolve this.

Going on AIM and adding my mother to the programme helped to no end to heal this chain of unresolved baggage for which I am so grateful. It took two years to clear my suppressed anger following which I found I could see and can be with my mother without this background friction. My mother herself once remarked that it has only taken her to get to the age of 75 to reach this point of and harmony with her daughter – better late than never!

Inspired by observing these subtle yet dramatic changes I then felt it was important to share this by encouraging the rest of my family to go on AIM including my nephew and nieces. Of course I was horrified to see these youngsters, not even in their teens, show intial readings as low as 12 or 18 out of 100. When I now observe them next to their peers it is quite apparent by their mature behaviour and sense of wholeness that they are free of ancestral baggage with a force of 100, living their life to their maximum potential and destiny what a precious gift to give to a child. Overall, placing the whole family on AIM has changed the family dynamics so much for the better.

The other direct experience of putting myself and my business / clinic on AIM was a noticeable shift in the dynamics at work. My clinic, Wholistic Medical Centre in London, has become increasingly successful since putting it on AIM. There has been recognizable synchronicity, specifically improved opportunities of meeting the right colleagues at the right time and place, most especially the ones that now make up the core of my clinical team. I now have all my staff on the AIM programme, which clearly helps to bring the best out of each other whilst we all have the opportunity to live and work from our best and true potential.

I recommend my patients to go on AIM, especially those who have , when they need their self healing to be at its maximum and cannot afford not to be on AIM for this very reason. Of course my cancer patients are most receptive to this suggestion but ideally all my patients would clearly benefit from being on AIM as a basic starting point to their healing process and journey.

I liken going on AIM as having a roof top over your house which offers some basic protection without having to duck and dive every moment to protect oneself from the harsh external elements. Meanwhile, with the insurance of a roof top above, it also helps of course to maintain and keep the house clean and in good order, which is now easier to do without the distraction of constantly being on the lookout for the next storm, wind or rain.

In summary, the AIM programme does indeed do what it says it is capable of doing – namely to allow us to heal ourselves.