Rita from Washington – AIM participant since September 2012

AIM ProgramTestimonial

I have been a member of EMC² since September 2012 and I am thrilled with my results. Despite some “events” in December/January and some ebb and flow of the symptoms of (“”), my health is continuing to improve and I am feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Currently I am symptom-free of IBD and for some reason, after 26 years of taking (sometimes) massive doses of prescription drugs, including Prednisone, I am FORGETTING almost daily to take them and still remain symptom free!

I am a firm believer that, although Western medicine can “” our physical bodies, we must self-heal our imbalances, some of which may manifest itself as disease, in order to be CURED – and that is what EMC² has been assisting me in doing. EMC²'s ministry is not medical and they that it is inappropriate to advise people about their use of medical services; believing that, as an act of self-responsibility, Participants choose what is best for themselves and engage the services of physicians as they see fit. So I am eagerly anticipating a very interesting discussion with my doctor during my next visit. It has been my goal for a very long time to go into permanent remission and get off all medications. It appears my has me headed in that direction!

Kind regards,