The Power of Enhancing Frequencies

AIM ProgramFounder Article, Stephen Lewis

If you’ve heard it before, I think it bears repeating, for we are never done. There is always more in which we can learn. The following frequencies are on The Program, you only need to set your intention to select them.

The Frequency to Replace Anger with Forgiveness
A friend of mine once wrote, “If you cannot your past, you cannot leave your past.” Most people are about three years old. I might add, without the charm or innocence of childhood.

Somewhere, way then, someone hurt you, made you angry, resentful. If we retain that feeling we are condemned to filter each and every moment of our lives through the prism of that past anger. In fact, the more painful the experience was the more entrenched we are in that past. We become the definition “stuck.” No matter what you do you relive the same event over and over again, hoping for a different result. That is Albert ’s definition of insanity. How do we get off this treadmill? Simple: REPLACE ANGER WITH FORGIVENESS. When you forgive someone, you grant yourself the freedom to leave that negative moment in time. You allow yourself to BE HERE NOW. You allow yourself to BE FREE. So start by making a list of all the people you are willing to forgive and watch your life transform.

The Frequency to Replace Fear with Courage
I have found that every person has a unique gift to give to the world. My friend Wayne Dyer is an incredible speaker and author; he has found his gift. My gift is not identical to Wayne’s, my gift is working and identifying frequencies in units of . It would be foolish for me to try to be just like Wayne or Wayne to be just like me. Our talents are unique to each of us, and yet by working together, we can create an amazing synergy.

Your quest is to discover your own gift. Fear stops a would be concert vocalist from singing a single note, fear halts a gifted scientist from making an amazing discovery, fear prevents a person from quitting their mundane job and opening a thriving business. Fear is so powerful that it can prevent a person who has the capacity to heal from doing so. In essence, fear keeps people closed off from everyone and everything that could bring them joy and wholeness. I have found the of fear has deep roots that can grow into a life filled with isolation, poverty, illness and despair. There is an alternative, and that is why we must: REPLACE FEAR WITH COURAGE.

The Frequency to Replace Grief with Gratitude
Grief has been described as the normal process of reacting to a loss. The strongest sense of grief occurs when we experience physical loss, such as the death of a loved one or a pet. You can dwell on your loss and grief, or you can focus on all the joy and love you have been given and how much that has contributed to your life. Consider this: How would you like to be remembered? Would you prefer to be the source of warmth and gratitude, or would you like the memory of you to elicit misery and despair? Obviously the more love and joy you were given, the more gratitude you need to express. It’s a no-brainer, particularly when you consider that everyone’s consciousness is still here.

Perhaps you lost a spouse, a parent, a child, a friend, a pet, the situation may be different and yet the solution is the same. You must elect to MOVE THROUGH GREIF BY WAY OF GRATITUDE. While AIM is a wonderful tool, it can not keep a loved one here forever. In order to heal we must stop living “back there” and instead move to the “here and now.” Gratitude can assist us in doing just that. We can remember fondly the memories we shared, and at the same time, step INTO THE PRESENT MOMENT AND CREATE NEW EXPERIENCES with the people and who are living.

The Frequency to Replace Desire with Acceptance
If, by dint of your focus, you manifest something you don’t truly need, you have simply wasted your precious time. Every cliché ultimately holds true. Yes, the grass is always greener. It is essential to remember that there is always someone on the other side saying the same thing. And yes, you can manifest your destiny; however, only if you perceive what is truly your destiny. can only come from consciousness. To desire that which you do not need, to desire that which will not increase your consciousness is to desire as a child desires for ice cream. At some point, we must put aside childish things. WE MUST REPLACE DESIRE WITH ACCEPTANCE. In that we accept what it is we truly need, what it is we truly are. Then, we should desire just as hard as we possibly can.