Malik from Nigeria – Enrolled on AIM October 2014

AIM ProgramTestimonial

My Story goes like this:

My journey to EMC² started like 3 years ago. One early morning I woke up with a pressed feeling to ease myself (urinate). So I rushed to the toilet. What I experienced shocked me to say the least. My bladder was full but the could not come out. The harder I tried the less it trickles out. At last, I got the hang of it. You have to completely relax the muscles around it to have a flow (not free flow) of the urine. It’s like the harder you try, the less it comes out. I know I have a big issue then!

I went and saw my doctor at a private clinic who prescribed a lab test for me. I did a PSA ( specific antigen) test and the result was positive. The result showed 17 when a normal test range is between 3-5. So I was diagnosed with malignant prostate, whatever that means. The doctor gave me a cocktail of medication which I took religiously. Even then, I was told that prostatectomy was my only “solution” but I was not satisfied. I knew that God did not design the prostate to be yanked off just like that. It must have some useful functions in the body.

So I proceeded to a University Teaching Hospital where I met a consultant. He examined me physically. I must tell men that it’s quite debilitating experience and never hope any man would experience it. At the end of it, I got the re-assurance that it is not so serious. He also prescribed a different set of medication which I also took. Since then I watched myself carefully not to experience it again. Even with all the medication I never got to the stage of a free-flowing urination but I stubbornly refused to go under the knife. This went on for like two years.

Then it happened! As usual, I went to ease myself in the morning and then felt the free-flow again. You cannot miss the joy. I was surprised, more like over-joyed, to say the least. I know what I felt before and how I had been “watching” myself, and how I am feeling now. It’s like going back in time to the good old days when everything was ok. The remarkable thing was that it happened some weeks after I got my 11th month evaluation report that I had reached the 100 Force. Max would say it’s a coincidence, I would say a big thanks to the AIM program. We are grateful for the unique kind of work you are doing. This is my story.