Joicefaie from Idaho – Enrolled on AIM December 2002

AIM ProgramTestimonial

I have something to share with you. I am so excited! Let me go back a little first. When I came on the AIM Program my right hand was paralyzed. The medical doctors said I had a stroke when I was 3 years old. You tested me in your office in May 2003 and said it was not a stroke and what I had would be healed. You just did not know how long it would take. As you know we have continued on the AIM Program.

Then on April 5, 2011 I was going to a meeting at 7pm. It was a Tuesday and I had listened to the Facilitators conference call when you spoke to people clearing a hereditary frequency. I was hurrying out the door at 6:45pm. I put my left foot forward to step down the steps and my legs just turned to spaghetti, and I fell forward. The fall broke my left leg just above the ankle in three places. I had to be screwed back together. At that point the spasticity on my right side got so intense. The spasticity was so profound I wondered about your promise.

Since then I have been to an orthopedic surgeon who said the only thing he could do was make a brace to keep my hand from pulling the thumb out of my palm and keep the fingers from constricting. Still my anxiety increased because my shoulder was being pulled out of place creating a lot of pain.

But on Sunday, October 28, 2012, I awakened and my right hand looked normal and felt so different. There was absolutely no spasticity. As I got out of bed I thought it may come back. I was leaning to the right as I walked and walking into walls because all the spasticity was gone. It took me three or four days to get to where I could walk normally. My right hand has calmed down so much. To look at it, it looks normal. I have to work on the muscles and develop them.

It feels so wonderful. I think it has also affected my brain because I feel so much better mentally as well as I feel happy.

I have more work to do and yet it feels so wonderful not to have the extreme paralysis. Just keep on doing your great work.