How Energetic Balancing Can Help Your Pets

Roberta HladekFounder Article, Roberta Hladek

Millions of people across the country have pets. We are a nation that loves to have companion animals. Whether they are birds, snakes, horses, cats or dogs, we have pets of all kind. We consider them part of the family and when something is bothering them, whether physically or spiritually, we make it our mission to help relieve them of their pain. The AIM Program for Energetic Balancing may just be the answer that so many pet parents have sought.

“Our program uses the holographic principle to help give people the energetic balance they need to heal themselves. The same concept works for animals,” explains Roberta Hladek, co-founder of EMC². “We have had many success stories where our program has helped animals around the world. It’s such a comfort to many people and their companion animals.”

The AIM Program for Energetic Balancing can be used for any type of animal. There are currently many people who use it for their cats and dogs, with the goal of providing relief for common physical conditions such as joint pain, as well as for emotional and spiritual issues, including grieving.

The program is effective because the animal’s picture is exposed to a large number of balancing frequencies, 24 hours per day. The subtle energy-balancing frequencies that are sent to the picture are then transcended to the pet itself. This process helps to remove energy imbalances in the animal, leading to an improvement in spiritual, emotional and physical wellness.

“For those looking for a way to help their aging or ailing pet, this is a revolutionary route to try,” says Hladek. “For less than the price of a cup of coffee each day, you can help your pet tremendously, as if you were turning back the clock. The improvement in well-being that it provides is well worth the small investment.”

The AIM Program for Energetic Balancing is also open to families and individuals. EMC² offers a scholarship program for those with autism and Down Syndrome, so they can take advantage of the tool for free.

About EMC²
EMC², based in Las Vegas, is home to the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness. They specialize in providing tips, tools and programs aimed at helping people gain a better understanding of universal energy, self-discovery, and energetic balancing. They offer the AIM Program for Energetic Balancing, which helps people to change their energy frequency to support self-healing.