Helen from Florida – AIM participant since November 2013

AIM ProgramTestimonial

My first night & day on the AIM Program I was buzzing all over with energy & well being. I had to make myself lie down after working 12 hours overnight and running errands all that morning. At that point I had been up for about 30 hours. My metabolism for the first 3 days was so high, I had to eat every 2 hours but when I weighed myself, I had lost 2 pounds. I have been an emotional eater for years but within days on the AIM program I have put my eating habits into perspective effortlessly.

The most fascinating thing is that nothing I do affects my energy level. In the past a full stomach made me feel lethargic for hours but now I can eat a heavy meal, work a 12 hour night shift & keep going as if I just came from a good night’s rest. After 6 hours of sleep I find I cannot & do not need any more sleep.

I have practiced transcendental meditation for 15 years (more off than on) & Reiki group meditation, both of which have introduced me to a little piece of heaven on earth, feelings of joy & well being & made me realize what my would be like if I was consistent daily. I was never consistent due to hectic schedules, forgetfulness of how good it can feel, worries of life & plain laziness. The AIM Program in these 2 weeks has given me all these benefits, every second of every day without me having to even think about it.

Initially I had planned to put my teenage son on the Program in 3 months but I cannot wait that long for him to feel the way I am feeling. I sent in his application yesterday. I am sharing with family, friends & acquaintances who are open minded.

I am wondering, if I can feel this good now, how will I feel in 11 months when my life force reaches 100?

God bless the founders & everybody at EMC² & the AIM Program for dedicating their lives & knowledge to share these with all of us.