Broke Your Resolution? Try A Goal Card

Roberta HladekFounder Article, Roberta Hladek

On the first of the year, millions of people made New Year’s resolutions. But research shows that only about three percent will see them through, and of those, less than half will still be holding strong at the six-month mark. One company, EMC², has a solution to the problem of broken solutions. And it’s one that can help you successfully get past the six-month mark, as well!

“The solution to not being able to achieve the goals we set for ourselves lies in making our intentions known to the Universe,” explains Roberta Hladek, co-founder of EMC². “For that reason, we offer goal cards that help people make their intentions known and ultimately help people attain the life they are seeking.” The EMC² goal cards give users a place to write down what they are grateful for, sign and date it, and place it in an area where they will see it daily. There is also an option to obtain a magnetic dry-erase goal card, so that it can easily be put in view on a refrigerator. Users write what they are grateful for, or would like to achieve, and then read it aloud every day. The energy that this act produces will help to draw what the person wants right to them. For example, if someone wants a new Mustang, they would write on the card “I am grateful for having my new Mustang,” and then read it daily. They are letting the Universe know they are already grateful for it, which will in turn draw that object to them. “We have received great feedback-success stories from those who have used this method and our goal cards,” says Hladek. “I also have had personal success using the goal card method. If there is a goal to achieve, the goal cards are what can help pave the way to achievement.” Energy goal cards start at $4.50 for 25 cards and are available for purchase on our online store. Click here for more information. In addition to the energy goal cards, EMC², also has the AIM Program for Energetic Balancing program. The program helps to remove any energy imbalances that a person may be experiencing – imbalances that could keep them from achieving self-healing. The AIM Program for Energetic Balancing is open to families, individuals and even pets. EMC² offers a scholarship program for those with Autism and Down Syndrome, so they can take advantage of the tool for free. EMC², based in Las Vegas, is home to the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness. They specialize in providing tips, tools and programs aimed at helping people gain a better understanding of universal energy, self-discovery, and energetic balancing. They offer the AIM Program for Energetic Balancing, which helps people to change their energy frequency to support self-healing.