EMC² Offers Those With Autism Free Access To Program

Roberta HladekFounder Article, Roberta Hladek

EMC², a company specializing in natural forms of self-healing, is offering their program free to all those with autism. The AIM Program for Energetic Balancing aims to help remove any energy imbalances a person may be experiencing – imbalances that could keep them from achieving self-healing. The program is designed to be used as a self-help tool, with the goal of helping individuals to be more successful at self-healing.

“Since we opened our program up to provide free access to those with autism, many have taken advantage of it,” explains Roberta Hladek, co-founder of EMC². “Because the impact can be so successful, family members have joined in, as well. Having this tool can provide a wonderful sense of focus and comfort.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on average, one out of every 110 children have autism. It is a brain disorder that is on the rise, yet researchers are not clear yet as to what exactly causes it. While some cases are believed to be linked to genetic disorders, others may be linked to environmental and chemical exposures during pregnancy. The AIM program focuses on taking a person’s photo and aiming a continuous stream of energy vibrations at it, based on 28 different levels. With the photo acting as a stand-in for the person, the vibrations are received by the photo and then transmitted to the pictured person. This process helps to remove any energy imbalances they may be experiencing. Those energy imbalances are similar to road blocks on the path to self-healing. “This technology is revolutionary and has worked to help many people,” says Hladek. “We are pleased to offer it to those with autism, and hope that people take advantage of it, because they will see just how incredibly effective it can really be.” The AIM Program for Energetic Balancing is open to families, individuals and even pets. EMC² also offers a scholarship program for individuals with Down Syndrome, so they can take advantage of this tool for free. To learn more or to enroll in the program, visit the site at www.aimprogram.com. EMC², based in Las Vegas, is home to the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness. They specialize in providing tips, tools and programs aimed at helping people gain a better understanding of universal energy, self-discovery, and energetic balancing. They offer the AIM Program for Energetic Balancing, which helps people to change their energy frequency to support self-healing. To learn more about the Autism Scholarship on EMC², go to Autism Frequency Scholarship.