Learn AIM

We encourage all applicants to first read Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness, a novel written by AIM developer Stephen Lewis and co-author and co-EMC² founder, Evan Slawson. All but the two Epilogues describe the private practice days of energy healer Max Stephens (based on Stephen) and his assistant Jennifer (based on EMC² co-founder Roberta Hladek) and chronicle the evolution from patients taking energy remedy drops for detected energetic imbalances to the use of photographs placed on personal “trays” in order to receive the balancing energies needed by each individual to help them self-heal all their imbalances. All the concepts of self-healing, higher consciousness and years of study and research are described, all culminating in the ultimate closing of Max’s private practice in 1999. The two Epilogues then highlight the revelations that made the AIM Program possible, advancing the program to the “All Inclusive Method”, with people’s energetic stand-in (their digitized photo) now having access to ALL balancing energies while assuring they select only what they need.

Now, people world-wide can take advantage of the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of this 24/7 spiritual self-healing technology, with no office visits or evaluations or remedy drops needed and at a fraction of the cost. Also, quite uniquely, there has never been a price increase since AIM was launched, despite continuous additions and advancements to the program.

Many people who begin on AIM and then read Sanctuary a second time are amazed at how much more they are able to understand regarding their unique use of AIM to help them heal and achieve levels of well-being beyond what they ever thought possible. There is also an index in the back of the book to assist you in looking up a wide variety of topics, terms and concepts.

The AIM Program is a TOOL that YOU use to heal yourself – only YOU can heal you. Every AIM participant is unique and, hence, every participant’s experience is unique as they utilize this tool to self-heal. EMC² does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, nor does it make any health claims; but, EMC² believes hereditary imbalances in consciousness are the precursors to physical manifestation, and that they can be removed or self-healed by you, much more effectively and quickly than you otherwise could or would if you have AIM helping you 24/7. Once healed, hereditary imbalances do not return and cannot be passed on to offspring. Kevin Trudeau, a former patient of Stephen and one of the first to go on AIM, calls it his “health assurance” and often speaks of how the continuous support of AIM helps him quickly self-heal anything he acquires.

This Q & A is a quick reference guide, often pointing you to additional detail found in Sanctuary or on your Facilitator’s web site. The Sanctuary: The EMC² Story section of that web site includes another excellent resource, the Book Quotes page. You can also find the Sanctuary Prologue and two Epilogues, in 5 languages, in that section.

If you have additional questions, your Facilitator is available to assure you have all the information you need in order to make an informed decision about AIM and will guide you to specific resources for AIM participants.

AIM = All Inclusive Method
EMC² = Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, LLC
Please refer to the Glossary as you look through this Q & A.

I. The Basics

AIM (All Inclusive Method) is a spiritual healing technology that evolved from the devotion to and life’s work of Stephen Lewis in the healing arts and spirituality. From a successful private healing practice that only a limited number of people could access and afford, his research, persistence and commitment, along with that of his business partners, Roberta Hladek and Evan Slawson, culminated in the closing of the practice in 1999 to launch the program that now assists nearly 60,000 people world-wide in healing all their hereditary/karmic and acquired energetic imbalances, 24/7. EMC² believes energetic imbalances are potentials in your consciousness for physical manifestation of negative issues, and that if you remove these imbalances from your consciousness, they can neither manifest nor be sustained in the physical realm. Well-known author and consumer advocate and former patient of Stephen’s, Kevin Trudeau, calls AIM his “health assurance”.

The effectiveness and comprehensiveness of the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing is unmatched in its ability to help increase the life force, well-being and consciousness of its participants while they continue to lead their busy lives. Participants are adults, kids of all ages and pets of all kinds. Many even place photos of their home or other property or objects on the AIM trays, although inanimate objects do not have life forces and there are no specific balancing energies for objects – many simply believe everything is energy, that everything has a vibration and that positive vibrations contribute positive energy to everything. Your Facilitator can direct you to audio recordings devoted to how well animals do on AIM and also to the topic of objects on AIM.

EMC² believes energetic imbalances in consciousness are the precursors to or potentials for eventual negative physical manifestation if you do not heal or remove them from your consciousness. The term energetic balancing refers to the process of the participant selecting any and all balancing energies available to them via the AIM trays that they need to help them heal all their imbalances and to heal them much more completely and quickly than they otherwise could or would. Once hereditary imbalances are self-healed, they are gone and cannot be passed on to one’s offspring.

While others may refer to the work they do as energetic balancing, only EMC² offers and is the authority on the work as described on all EMC² web sites and in the book Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness.

EMC² thinks of the energetic matrix as the “true self” of the individual. In other words, we are beings of pure energy. The energetic matrix is the most fundamental expression of our true being. Energetic imbalances exist not in the body or mind or emotions or other parts of us. They exist in our energetic matrix, but their presence can impact every part of us, mind, body and emotions.
AIM acts as a 24/7 energetic “tune-up” for energetic imbalances, be they hereditary or acquired. A huge bank of computers sends tens of thousands of subtle-energy balancing frequencies, the entire spectrum of “known” balancing energies, to metal trays that hold the photographs of AIM Program participants, which act as holographic stand-ins for their conscious presence. These energies are available to the participants, no matter where they are. Each person, with their higher consciousness, selects, 24/7, any and all balancing energies they need, for as long as each is needed, and in the order in which each is needed by them, to self-heal, first working on imbalances most recently acquired, then moving to deeper and deeper layers of hereditary imbalances. It’s the belief of EMC² that an imbalance in consciousness is both the precursor of and the template for a subsequent imbalance in the physical realm if it is not healed or removed from your consciousness. View the Virtual Tray Tour video.

In addition to balancing energies to help you heal hereditary and acquired imbalances, there are additional energies that are specific activating frequencies that enable you to select automatically those frequencies you need at any given time and to bypass all those you don’t need. Your higher self selects these as a matter of basic survival instinct. You are the authority on you; you know what you need and in what order. There are enhancing energies, too, that give you an added boost in increasing your life force and your ability to respond to energetic crises and that assist you in raising your consciousness, if that is your intention. Targeted anti-aging frequencies are also part of the AIM program. See Types of Frequencies on AIM on your Facilitator’s web site.

We use photographs as your energetic stand in. We could use your blood, saliva, hair or even your signature, anything that is unique to you, for energetic evaluation and as the vehicle for transmitting the balancing energies to you. We use photos as they are easier to submit, identify, digitize and place on the AIM trays.
The AIM Program was developed by Stephen Lewis following years of study in the healing arts, quantum mechanics and spirituality, coupled with years of private practice and the inspirations and support of Roberta Hladek (Jennifer in Sanctuary) who joined him in 1987, and then the third EMC² co-founder, Evan Slawson, who joined them several years later. Stephen and Evan co-wrote the novel Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness which chronicles, in novel format, the evolution of Stephen’s work from years of private practice and evaluations into the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing. EMC² was founded in 1998 by Stephen, Roberta and Evan. The actual AIM Program was launched in 1998-99 as discussed in the Epilogues in the book. The primary mission of EMC² is to offer the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing, a spiritual technology, to assist you in removing your energetic imbalances and in elevating your consciousness level. You can read more about the founders here.
Initially, office visits and individual evaluations were required, and EMC² was able to deliver only a limited spectrum of balancing energies, via remedy drops, at any given time. Even when they advanced to using photos and individual trays, an evaluation was required for the individual which was time consuming and very expensive. Major revelations, discussed in Sanctuary’s Epilogues, made AIM possible, and made it cost effective for people world-wide to receive much more comprehensive and effective healing support 24/7 with AIM (All Inclusive Method).
The AIM Program has assisted nearly 60,000 people worldwide.
As part of our outreach activities, EMC² offers three scholarship programs. Children and adults with the frequency of Autism (diagnosis is irrelevant) or the frequency of Down Syndrome may enroll in the AIM Program free of charge. There are also a few scholarships available to anyone dealing with cystic fibrosis (CF), a new research area begun in 2010. To date, hundreds of children and adults worldwide have participated in the AIM Scholarship Programs. If you or someone you know would like additional information about these offerings, please contact your Facilitator for details on how to apply and the quarterly written report requirements that will have to be met by the parent or scholarship recipient. EMC² determines if children and adults are eligible for the scholarship program through energetic testing for the energetic imbalances of Autism, Down Syndrome or CF as appropriate. (There are numerous individual imbalances that are classed as the “frequency of autism” or the “frequency of Down Syndrome” or the “frequency of CF”.)

If qualified, these participants will be on the same AIM program as everyone else, and will select all frequencies they need, not just those directly related to Autism or Down Syndrome or CF. The primary parent of any qualifying child is offered a 50% discount to join their child on AIM at the time their child is initially given a scholarship. Part of the reason for this offering is to encourage the primary adult, at minimum, to be actively learning more about AIM, understanding the extent of self-healing participants achieve using AIM and to be aware of any program updates, thus making their quarterly reports informative and of value to everyone.

For more details on Scholarships, click here.

II. Enrolling in AIM

Simply complete the application form, authorizing EMC² to enroll you in AIM and providing your contact and payment information, and obtain a full length photo of just you (4×6 preferred). The form takes just minutes to complete as we do not need nor want any health or medical history.

Each applicant, whether a person, pet or property of some type, must have a separate, completed application and photo in order to begin on AIM. All forms, program options and step-by-step instructions on completing the forms are in the Enrolling in AIM section on your Facilitator’s web site. Forms should be reviewed with your Facilitator prior to sending to EMC². Your Facilitator can provide detailed instructions on how to scan and name files if you would prefer to submit them to your Facilitator via e-mail.

Each person over the age of majority should complete and sign his or her own application. EMC² does not believe anyone should make such an important decision for another person who is capable of making their own decision. Additionally, EMC² believes it’s important for everyone to understand the foundations of AIM, one of which is self-responsibility, and to be aware of all that is available to them with AIM. Applicants also need to be aware of potential “detox”, just one of the many reasons we encourage participants to use our resources to expand their understanding of the healing process and their role in it as they use AIM to help them heal themselves.

Renewals require only a one-page renewal form which is automatically mailed to you by EMC² about a month before your program expires.

Visit the program options page in the Enrolling in AIM section on your Facilitator’s web site for a complete list of program options and prices. Note that prices have not increased since the inception of AIM in 1999 and are a fraction of what patients paid when office visits and evaluations were required. Your Facilitator can advise you on the program options that best suit your needs.

Monthly payment options are available for individual plans but not the family plan (due to the substantial discount it offers). Equal payments are made for 10 months and the last 2 months of the year are free. If individual plans are paid in full, the participant receives 14 months on AIM. Family plans are paid in full for 12 months on AIM.

This was in effect a dramatic price reduction first offered in 2003. A family plan allows 5 family members to enroll in the AIM Program for $2,000, for 12 months on AIM. This is a 60% savings off the individual enrollment cost for 5 adults. To qualify, family members must be related by blood, marriage, adoption, or significant other (only the Principal and the SO must live in the same household). The payment must be made upfront, in full, by one person, referred to as the FRP (Financially Responsible Person). Each individual must complete an individual application, and a one-page family plan summary form must accompany the applications. If a family plan is larger than 9 members, a second family plan should be used. At least 2 people are required to start a family plan, and you have just 30 days within which to add additional members (humans or pets; property can be added at any time).
Individual plans for pets and kids are half the cost of adult plans. If a couple is enrolling, the spouse or significant other receives a $200 discount (must share a household). And the family plan offers the greatest discount for the first 5 qualified members and additional discounts for the next 4 members.

We offer a 50% discount for anyone over age 90 and for any adult who has been permanently disabled for a minimum of 3 years. Required disability income documentation must be provided at the time of application (not a note from a doctor). Only one adult discount per household is allowed.

Your Facilitator will be happy to discuss the best options for you and explain how programs can best be managed for your needs. See also the Enrolling in AIM section on your Facilitator’s web site.

Processing of new applicants is done Monday – Thursday. If your photo and application are received by the EMC² office by 2 PM PST, every effort is made to have your life force checked and your photo processed and on the AIM trays by 5 PM PST that same day, but allow 2-3 as volume of applications varies. Your Facilitator will contact you to let you know when this is done and will e-mail you a copy of your EMC² eval record showing your initial life force.
The office is in Las Vegas, NV. Once you are enrolled in the AIM Program, you may schedule a visit for a short “Tray Tour” where you can see the room that houses the “QID” (Quantum Consciousness Imprinting Device), the output portion of the program where balancing frequencies are made available to you via your photo being on the trays, 24/7. You do that by calling the office, in advance. Tours are done as time allows, on Tues & Wed mornings only. You’ll see your photo on all 8 trays, due to the hundreds of thousands of frequencies now on AIM. We invite you to view the Virtual Tray Tour video even if you are scheduling a visit. Someone not yet on AIM may accompany you, but please assure they have read Sanctuary prior to your visit and that all questions are directed to your Facilitator. The tour, while fun and informative, is not conducted for the purpose of explaining how the program works.

III. Life Force & Energetic Imbalances

Life force as used by EMC² is a unique measurement in units of consciousness of your healing ability or capacity, your personal power, the energy that you use to create your life. The dramatically lower initial life forces of those beginning on AIM (as opposed to when Sanctuary was written in 1998) is reflective of how compromised people are due to the presence of many active hereditary imbalances as a result of the presence of an “energetic immune deficiency” frequency and all the things we acquire daily, including naturally occurring imbalances and man-made imbalances. It is not a measurement of physical wellness or health, nor is it a reflection of how good or bad one’s diet is. It is also not the same as consciousness level. EMC² measures life force on a scale of 0 to 100 for life force evaluation purposes and may use a higher scale of 1000 or more in the process of looking for any remaining unknown imbalances or looking for positive markers in people who appear to be excelling on AIM.
Everything is energy, and everything has a frequency. An energetic imbalance is any influence that is not in harmony with your natural state of well-being. There are karmic and hereditary imbalances and their underlying or linked unresolved emotional imbalances, and there are environmental imbalances, things you acquire on a daily basis (some naturally occurring, some man-made), and from insect bites. Imbalances create blockages to the flow of your life force, your personal power to create and direct your life. EMC² believes imbalances in consciousness are the precursors for eventual physical manifestation. While an imbalance may have a name that is the same as or that is similar to a disease, it does not necessarily mean you have the physical condition; however, EMC² believes you either have the physical condition already or you will have it shortly unless you remove the imbalance from your consciousness, i.e., heal it.
Your life force, measured in units of consciousness, is checked using the Quantum Consciousness Evaluation Device by placing your photo under a small metal plate connected to the device, and utilizing a human energy source, a thumb, as your “witness” or stand-in. The Virtual Tray Tour video and the Energetic Eval video provide a glimpse of how this is done, as do several chapters in Sanctuary. This method is also used should additional evaluation (a special recheck) be deemed necessary once a participant has been on AIM long enough for them to raise their life force to 100 and to also have self-healed all hereditary imbalances identified and on AIM. For most people, even though their life force may reach 100 within 11 months, they are still selecting balancing energies for recently revealed hereditary imbalances well into their second year.

Life force is checked when a person or pet begins on AIM and then twice more during their first year on AIM. At 5 months, life force is checked to see that it is rising. This assures EMC² that the participant is selecting balancing energies they need as they are ready for them. For humans, no number is provided at this time as it will vary and has no meaning. A number is checked for pets at 5 months as they are expected to be at 100 due to their significantly higher initial life forces. Then at 11 months, all participants are checked to assure life force is at 100 at that time. If it is not, Stephen checks further to determine what may be impacting that.

If a participant goes off AIM for more than 6 months, their “returning life force” will be checked when they renew, and also at 5 and 11 months in their first returning year.

In subsequent years, life force is checked once per program year, at the 11 month mark. These life force rechecks are extremely important. If your life force is not at 100, then a special evaluation will be done by Stephen to see what might be impacting the decline. Your Facilitator will always inform you of all life force check information by e-mailing you a copy of your EMC² eval record.

For those in Western countries, initial life forces of those just beginning on AIM have declined substantially since the publication of Sanctuary in 1998, beginning in 2000. Most have the frequency of energetic immune deficiency, causing every hereditary imbalance to reach an active state (closer to physical manifestation or already having negative physical impact). We believe man-made imbalances, stress, increasing environmental toxins, etc. have further compromised our energetic immune systems. There are also more frequencies identified and on AIM now. As of January 2012, most adults have initial life forces of .00002. Kids used to be much higher, but are now often in the low double digits, some even less. Initial life forces of pets are still usually in the high 90’s, yet they, too, may take over a year to self-heal all hereditary imbalances identified and on AIM. Everyone was in the high 90s back in 1998 when Sanctuary was written.
Typically, your life force begins to rise as soon as your photograph is placed on the AIM trays, even as you first deal with your most recently acquired imbalances. Most participants reach a life force of 100 within the first year on AIM as most (but not all) active, chronic and hereditary imbalances for which there are balancing frequencies on the AIM trays are usually cleared energetically by that time. Currently, your life force is checked at 5 months to assure it is rising (number is not relevant and is not checked or provided to you), and again at 11 months to assure it reaches 100. Results of these automatically scheduled checks will be sent to you via e-mail by your Facilitator.
Over 500,000 balancing frequencies have been identified and are available to you via the AIM trays. As previously “unknown” imbalances are revealed, the related balancing energies are added to AIM and EMC² provides pertinent information about them in weekly e-mail updates and on Stephen’s weekly broadcast.

There are balancing energies to assist you in removing karmic/hereditary imbalances and their associated unresolved etiologic emotional imbalances. These you will select as a matter of basic instinct or survival. We may discuss newly revealed imbalances in terms of what they are similar to, which may include terms that sound similar to or identical to disease names, although we are never discussing the actual disease(s).

There are balancing energies available to you to assist you in self-healing imbalances you acquire from things naturally occurring in nature and aerosolized and man-made imbalances you are exposed to and acquire daily. Note AIM cannot keep you from being exposed to something, nor from being bitten by insects. If you have no inherent hereditary imbalances or areas of weakness and have a high life force, you should be able to quickly heal what you may acquire, barring a lethal dose or acquiring a toxic level of something. AIM has thousands of balancing energies to assist us in healing things we acquire, yet Stephen often cautions us on just how many imbalances we can acquire from bugs of all sorts, some of which can cause major reactions.

There are also targeted anti-aging frequencies, and frequencies to enhance vitality. Many of the imbalances classified as hereditary imbalances could even be considered “anti-aging” in the sense that many of the physical issues that manifest from them are things commonly associated with aging, such as arthritis, dementia, balance issues, vision and hearing issues, incontinence and more.

Beyond all this, there are hundreds of “enhancing frequencies” or “empowerment” frequencies to assist you in elevating your consciousness level, if that is your choice to do so. In that sense, these are “voluntary” and include such frequencies as perpetual gratitude, unconditional love, greater self-acceptance and forgiveness, to name just a few. See the Glossary for more on these frequencies and also the term “tonify“.

During your first year on AIM, you will be selecting balancing energies as you need and are ready for them to clear possibly several hundred hereditary imbalances that you may have. This is done over time, not all at once, and it’s important to understand that imbalances layer in one’s area(s) of weakness such that “peeling” the layers of imbalances takes whatever time it takes you. As your life force is eventually not being used for survival or removing hereditary imbalances, you will have a greater capacity to use it toward achieving higher consciousness, if that is your intention. See the Types of Balancing Frequencies on AIM on your Facilitator’s web site for more detail.

With over 500,000 balancing energies on AIM, it is likely that any disease or physical issue that you have heard of has been identified and related balancing energies to help participants self-heal the related imbalances have been added to the AIM trays. What is difficult for many people new to AIM to realize is that while most physical issues or diseases have a single label or name, physical manifestations are seldom the result of just one hereditary imbalance. Rather, most things are syndromes, having multiple energetic components. Imbalances tend to settle or layer in areas of weakness. Even imbalances that you acquire can layer in this way and become chronic if you do not heal them. Additionally, each person is unique as to their own specific combination of imbalances and where they are present in them. Other things unique to the individual, such as age, physical, mental and emotional health, lifestyle, etc., further dictate that no two people will have the same healing experience, nor necessarily heal similar issues in the same way or time frame. Many do, however, report feeling increasingly calm and empowered, more aware and more centered, focused and less stressed as they embark on their healing journey using AIM as a foundational self-healing tool.
As written in Sanctuary, page 161, there are two things for which AIM does not seem able to assist in self-healing – the frequency of heavy metal toxicity and the frequency of systemic parasites. Note that people do seem to be able to heal certain “non-systemic” parasite imbalances, such as giardia and malaria. From the book:

“Over the course of testing, frequencies of “dread diseases” often came up.” Inevitably, someone would wring their hands and ask if Max could deal with them. Max was always patient. He methodically checked to see if the frequency was resolvable; the answer was almost always yes. The only exceptions he seemed to encounter were the frequencies of heavy metal toxicity and systemic parasites.

“Other than those,” he explained, “they’re all just ‘alphabet soup’. Forget about the name. If it’s a frequency, and it can be reversed, it’ll be gone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the frequency of measles, malignancy, or HIV. The question is not the name of the frequency but whether it can be reversed. In most cases, the answer is yes – if you can do it – if your strength, your life-force is adequate.”

The presence of either of these frequencies would be revealed as a part of the energetic uncertainty check which is performed at the time an applicant’s initial life force is determined and would be recorded in the participant’s record and reported to you by your Facilitator. As these are acquired imbalances, not inherited, should either be detected at a subsequent life force check, that information would also be reported to you in the same way. EMC² uses “EU” to indicate that there is energetic uncertainty as to a participant’s ability to heal either of these frequencies – this is not to say the participant cannot heal the imbalance, but to note that AIM does not yet have energies available that seem to assist in healing these imbalances. As noted in the Glossary, the presence of EU for either of these imbalances does not block one’s ability to heal their other imbalances, but will negatively impact a participant’s rate of healing (of both hereditary and acquired imbalances). If a participant reaches a life force of 100, and then subsequently acquires one of these imbalances, their healing capacity is impacted, so they will also experience a decline in their life force. The amount of the decline and whether the drop continues or stabilizes varies from person to person.

You may well hear Stephen discuss his dislike of bugs of any type, and his avoidance of sushi, due to both the severity and abundance of imbalances imparted by many insects, especially spiders, and the added risk of acquiring a parasite imbalance. Your Facilitator can provide additional information regarding these energetic imbalances and will keep you informed should balancing energies to assist with these imbalances be revealed to Stephen in the future. They cannot, however, offer you any advice, medical or otherwise – they can only address questions concerning AIM Energetic Balancing.

Chemical toxicity would be similar to heavy metal toxicity, and would include chemotherapy. There may be things that a participant can do, outside of AIM, to help them remove these frequencies from their system, but we cannot and do not provide any advice or input in regard to anything outside of AIM. Attaining and maintaining as high a life force as possible would seem even more important if you are facing additional challenges such as these.

Other things that an individual may have difficulty self-healing would be instances where structural damage or degeneration has already occurred (such as a bad heart valve, a kidney that no longer functions or a lack of certain digestive enzymes that cause food intolerances) and certain psychological issues. EMC² believes self-healing does not mean there is not a place for medical attention as required – the two should work together. In addition, there are cases in which the presence of certain degenerative diseases such as MD or CP or CF can have long term crippling effects, yet Stephen continues to do all he can to help people heal everything possible by continuing special rechecks and adding “unmasking techniques” as revealed to him to detect any remaining imbalances. Then the related balancing energies are added to the AIM trays so that anyone who may have the imbalances can access them to heal more quickly and deeply than they otherwise could or would.

While many people have reported that they have self-healed certain allergies with the help of AIM, it is important to know that everyone is unique in terms of which imbalances they have and their impact on them, that there is a difference between an allergy and intolerance and that certain irritants may simply need to be avoided. Your Facilitator can discuss the energetic aspects of these things but EMC² cannot medically diagnose or advise you.

No to both – As explained in the Epilogue in Sanctuary, and on page 2 of the AIM Application, evaluations are no longer done as they are no longer necessary in order for you to heal your imbalances. You select any and all balancing energies you need as you are ready for them, versus the private practice days when people were dependent upon what was found to be present in them during an office visit and then taking the appropriate remedy drops as prescribed. All that can be said about being an AIM participant is that during your first year, and likely into your second, you will be dealing pretty much non-stop with the healing of your hereditary imbalances, in your own hierarchy of need and at your own unique pace. Even after one is on “long enough” to be caught up in the sense of only dealing with some newly revealed hereditary imbalance once the balancing energies are added to AIM (if they have the imbalance), there is no way of knowing if you are detoxing an imbalance or what it might be. There is no need to know, and those on AIM long enough are usually done healing a new imbalance, energetically, within a week or so (in the absence of a parasite imbalance), although additional time may be needed for healing on all levels, including the physical.

A new AIM participant could have several hundred hereditary imbalances to heal, so we stress that patience and continuous self-care are really important as you begin this very focused, continuous process of removing all your imbalances using AIM, from those recently acquired on down to the deepest layers. Your higher consciousness also determines the priority in which you select balancing energies – that is not something that either you or EMC² determines or can speed up or slow down.

While we do not offer a master list of all imbalances that are identified and part of AIM, you can learn about newly revealed and added-to-AIM frequencies in the EMC² weekly update e-mail newsletter and on Stephen’s weekly Everything is Energy Show.

Every person is unique, and many have self-healed a wide variety of issues with the help of AIM, such that medications are reduced or no longer needed. Yet we remind you of several things:

Most issues are not the result of just one energetic imbalance, but rather layers of them. So healing takes whatever time it takes in the individual as the layers of imbalances are removed at the pace determined by the participant’s higher consciousness.

It is our belief that when an imbalance is being healed in consciousness it may eventually manifest as a healing of the physical body. We must point out that if you effect a healing, by prayer or any other spiritual means, you may have to adjust your lifestyle because of that healing.

Should such a healing occur in those suffering, for example, from Type II diabetes and taking insulin, or from high blood pressure and taking appropriate medication, etc., they may require a corresponding adjustment in their insulin or other medication dosage.

Therefore, we advise any participant taking any medications to continue to see their primary health care provider for close monitoring of their progress.

EMC² does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, nor do they confirm or dispute any diagnosis or medical recommendation. We are not here to either tell you to see a doctor or not to see one. The AIM Program of Energetic Balancing is a spiritual technology which helps participants remove energetic imbalances in consciousness, what EMC² believes to be the precursors of negative physical manifestation.

Each individual experiences AIM Energetic Balancing differently because each person is unique both in the range of their existing imbalances when they begin on AIM and in all the other variables about them, from age to everything they have done or not done to care for every aspect of themselves. With this in mind, as noted in Sanctuary, some participants may have a more noticeable experience of healing at certain times than others, whether that be physically or emotionally or both. Energetic balancing is about bringing to consciousness things which are currently being held back from your awareness. Experiencing imbalances as they are healed by you is a natural part of the process, and as you remove imbalances, your healing capacity gets increasingly stronger.

The consolation is that anything that causes discomfort now as it is removed by you would eventually more fully express itself later if not healed or removed by you with the help of AIM. Remember these imbalances have been draining your life force over time. Once they are healed, that freed-up life force can be used to express and create the things you want in life. See the Glossary for more information on detox and life force and listen to several AIM Essentials calls on “Blessing the Detox”.

Also on the brighter side, as they continue on AIM, many people report an extremely high sense of well-being, a greater sense of inner peace, clarity and a greater ability to more easily achieve their goals. Many say they feel stronger, more alert and they sleep more restfully. All of these things are consistent with removing the baggage and limitations of energetic imbalances.

Remember, though, that you may still acquire imbalances that may cause discomfort, but remaining on AIM can help assure you recover quickly using both your high life force and balancing energies available to help you with many things you acquire. And even if you have removed all “known” imbalances on AIM, if some previously unknown imbalance is revealed and added to AIM, if you have it, you may also have the experience of healing it, but at that point, you should heal it very quickly.

Patience and continued self-care are always the best advice we can offer to participants.

It may take some participants into their second year to finish detoxing all the hereditary imbalances they have, at least for as long as previously unknown imbalances of any prevalence continue to be found and added to the AIM Trays. In addition, the physical body may take additional time to heal beyond the time needed to clear imbalances energetically. Other aspects of the individual, including mental, emotional and physical condition and habits, may require additional time and effort on the participant’s part to further heal the effects of having had energetic imbalances for so long. Ultimately, the rate and extent of healing is dependent upon many factors unique to the individual. Your Facilitator is able to discuss special rechecks, their purpose, what the results mean and don’t mean, and whether or not it is appropriate to submit such a request on your behalf if some issue persists once you’ve been on long enough. They can also provide information to you so that the precise information needed can be included on the request. See also “special recheck” and “tonify” in the Glossary.

IV. Other questions and a few suggestions as you begin on AIM

Please contact your Facilitator directly with any and all questions. Facilitators are your experienced and trained advisors on the AIM Program. If there is anything they cannot answer for you, they will contact EMC² on your behalf.
Kids and pets are not aware of being on AIM and have no “belief” one way or the other, yet they benefit by self-healing their imbalances and raising their life force as all participants do. We find many adults to be in a state of disbelief that the things they considered to be harsh facts of life could be energetic disturbances that they can actually heal. Yet what they are currently doing isn’t working for them – they’re still stuck or still sick. Once they have the experience of being on AIM and removing their imbalances, they may find their whole perception of how things are changes, just as described in the Prologue to Sanctuary.
While you are on AIM, your unborn child also benefits from you being on AIM. Whatever imbalances the mother heals with the help of AIM, the fetus will also heal. Even so, some expectant moms choose to place a photo of their ultrasound image on either an individual plan or on the family plan. Then, when the child is born, they merely send in a new photo of the baby.

The ideal thing is for both the mother and the father to be on AIM, at least a year, prior to conception, and for everyone to remain on AIM. That way, there is a good chance that nothing hereditarily exists to be passed on, and when the baby is born and placed on AIM, its life force is often at 100, with no hereditary or chronic imbalances appearing to be present.

We reiterate that each participant needs to be aware of potential detox as they heal certain imbalances, and that it is impossible to say what any detox, be it physical and/or emotional, might be as each person is unique, has their own unique combination of imbalances, and has a different history of what they have or have not done to care for themselves in this life time. The longer you’ve been on AIM with a life force of 100, the easier it should be for you to manage everything, including being pregnant.

Stephen does a weekly broadcast (Everything is Energy) on which he discusses newly revealed hereditary imbalances (and any aerosolized or man-made imbalances worthy of note), their potential impact and expected prevalence and other research updates and AIM concepts. These can be listened to via phone or online, and they are all recorded. EMC² also e-mails a more limited summary on such new imbalances weekly, and includes a summary of the broadcast and other links to items of interest. They also send out a reminder e-mail the day before each of the two monthly conference calls, announcing the topic and which Founder will be speaking. These calls provide time for listeners to interact with the Founder in the last half of the call. All of these items are highlighted on the homepage of your Facilitator’s web site, and your Facilitator can guide you to additional audios and other resources we offer as well.
No, you don’t have to do anything, just as most kids and pets don’t “do” anything, but we do encourage you to continue or start additional things to care for every aspect of yourself. Many participants find as they begin widening their perspective of well-being as they use AIM to remove imbalances that they are naturally and easily making better choices, from exercise to food choices to their environment. We believe this may happen naturally for some as they begin to understand and embrace the connection of every aspect of themselves, and they feel increasingly worthy of the highest level of well-being possible for themselves.

To assist participants in better understanding their unique healing process and in maximizing their ability to utilize all AIM offers, we encourage everyone to use the calls and other resources provided to you by EMC² and your Facilitator. The more you understand about AIM, the more you understand your role in the creation of imbalances and how you use AIM to help you heal them. It’s also up to you to care for every aspect of you – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and many tools can assist you along with AIM. The beauty of AIM is you get to self-heal 24/7, while still carrying on with your life – and as your life force rises, everything else you choose to utilize will be enhanced. Most of us have spent very little focused, consistent time addressing our healing and well-being, so investing in AIM may well find you choosing to expand on that time.

EMC² believes “there is always more“, that the process of raising consciousness is never completed during our lifetime. So we encourage you to view self-healing as a process that requires commitment over time.

“Done” is something each person has to decide for themselves, in terms of how they define well-being, and their intention to achieve greater consciousness. Some will be happy to just no longer feel pain in their back or wherever, to be able to play a better game of tennis, while others will measure their progress not only in terms of physical improvement but in terms of their mental and emotional improvement. While most will self-heal, energetically, all hereditary imbalances on AIM within 1-2 years (depending on when and how many new hereditary imbalances are revealed and added to AIM after they start on AIM), the physical and emotional healing and habit restructuring may take longer and will simply take what it takes in you. We have to remember we didn’t get where we are in a year.

Even when one seems to have removed all their hereditary imbalances, many value the continued “tune-up” or empowerment boost AIM provides, and constant access to newly revealed hereditary frequencies, other frequencies to assist with new and old acquired imbalances they are exposed to daily and the continuing benefits of having all the enhancing and anti-aging frequencies available 24/7. Once hereditary imbalances have been removed, and life force is at 100, we have a greater ability to work on negative patterns developed in this lifetime as a result of having had the energetic imbalances. Many participants would never part with the edge they feel being on AIM provides for them and they know the value of keeping their life force at its maximum potential. They like feeling better than they ever have or even thought possible.

Kids and pets seem to self-heal more quickly and easily. They usually have higher initial life forces and they simply often have less “stuff”, and less resistance to change. Our participants keep their pets on year after year and observe the same benefits in them.

See also “tonify” in the Glossary.

About a month before your current program expires, EMC² will mail to you the first of two renewal reminders, along with a one-page renewal form (and family plan form if you are the FRP of the plan). Once you have been on AIM, you never have to complete another application, nor send in another photo, even if there is a period during which you are not on AIM. If the family plan is being renewed as it is, all that is needed is the family plan form – individual members do NOT have to complete anything. If anyone or anything not previously on AIM is being added to a family plan, then an application and photo would be needed, too. Call your Facilitator if there are any questions about the forms and to get instructions for submitting these documents to them via e-mail.
Life force is the energy with which you create and live your life and with which you heal, manage stress and ward off things that you acquire. Participants who have reached a life force of 100 and remain on AIM are checked once a program year to assure their life force remains at 100. This is an important check and if life force drops, Stephen will check further to determine if there is some previously unknown imbalance that may be contributing to that decline. If a participant discontinues their AIM Program, after about 6 months or so, their life force usually drops. The longer they are off AIM, the more it drops. We know this as the “returning life force” is checked for those participants who return to AIM after being off for more than 6 months.
When a pet or person transitions, their life force may not immediately drop to zero – in other words, they may still test positive for having a “life force rising” (at the 5 month recheck) or a life force of 100 (at the 11 month recheck), in some cases, even if the recheck is many months after the date of transition. This isn’t that surprising as Stephen tells us that often, one’s level of consciousness rises dramatically once they transition, as if there are no more obstacles to higher consciousness. This is totally consistent with EMC²’s belief that spirit is eternal. In fact, we have a participant who chose to add her deceased father as one of her family members, although EMC² can make no statements as to the effect of the photo of the deceased remaining on AIM.

If any family member or pet on AIM should transition, please notify your Facilitator ASAP so they can discuss with you the options concerning the photo remaining on the trays or being removed.

No, the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing is not healthcare, nor medicine, and does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Nor should you try to take a tax deduction for it as such. Note, as well, that EMC² is a for-profit LLC, so your program is not deductible as a charitable contribution either.
First, we have relatively few published testimonials compared to the number of people who use AIM to help them self-heal. Many people prefer to remain private or don’t care to take the time to write, while others feel they could write several testimonials because they feel AIM has helped with every aspect of their well-being, not just the healing of physical symptoms. Beyond that, all discussions or correspondence between a Facilitator and a participant are strictly confidential, so we never disclose anyone’s contact information for any reason.

Secondly, neither EMC² nor Facilitators know what imbalances or what physical issues any participant may be dealing with. We work in the realm of energetic balancing, and while two people may share a common physical “diagnosis” or what you may label “the same thing”, energetically, each person is highly unique in terms of their unique combination of both hereditary/karmic and acquired imbalances and the significance of and the area of impact of each imbalance in them. Everything about them and their environment, including their self-care habits or lack thereof in regard to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of themselves also plays a part. Age can matter here, too.

While AIM is an amazingly comprehensive and effective spiritual healing technology, it is an empowerment tool that participants use to release their own innate healing capacity. Ultimately, the rate and extent of all healing, as well as the entire experience of that healing, is in the hands of the individual and the combined effects of whatever they choose to include in their self-care tool kit. We believe AIM helps whatever you choose to do work better, simply because you are healing the ultimate causes of your imbalances and are thereby strengthening both your life force and your ability to manage it as you choose.