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Happy 20th Sanctuary and AIM!
While the basics of self-healing with the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing haven’t changed, the program’s comprehensiveness and effectiveness have evolved tremendously over the years. Join us in celebrating how this empowers us to reach new levels of consciousness and well-being despite constant challenges.

Wednesday May 9th, 2018

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Take a virtual AIM Program Tray Tour with EMC² Founder Roberta Hladek. This short video will give you an inside look at the Quantum Consciousness Imprinting Device (QID) developed by EMC².

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The Book That Started It All

Read about the decades of work that preceded the evolution of AIM and about the ability and urgency for all of us to self-heal in our book, Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness. A few chapters from the book are available online here, and you can now purchase the book in our online store with PayPal.
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Topics on How to Live Better

1. Do not watch TV news before retiring.
2. If you read with an ipad or kindle turn down the brightness and change the background color to a soft yellow or beige.
3. Place a piece of Pink Quartz on your night stand.
4. Drink something warm but without caffine about ½ hour before going to bed
5. SleepyTyme tea helps in a pinch

Give it a try. It’s works and you will wake up refreshed naturally.

Happy Sleeping!

Would you like to be more productive, have more stamina and vitality and enjoy good energy in your daily life?
You have come to the right place. Its called Energetic Balancing. Frequencies which are like waves of energy are sent to you to match up with frequencies that we are made up of. These patterns are all of our family history of dis-ease. For example one of my grandfathers had diabetes, while my dad had cancer and heart problems, my grandmother had asthma and lung issues. These are passed down to us. Most of the time whatever we inherit becomes active at some time in our lives.
Energetic Balancing can help us to change the course of our family history by removing these energy patterns from our being so we can live our lives longer, happier and healthier.
To learn more contact us at 702.944.1801
Most of us find that we have some form of stress on a daily basis. Some days more than others.
Either it’s the traffic to and from work, work related issues or issues in the home.
Here are 3 easy ways to help relieve everyday stress.

1. Exercise-take a walk at lunch, after dinner with the family dog and or the family
If you like to run take a before dinner run to release the tension of the day

2. Take up a hobby-Maybe playing a musically instrument, painting etc., knotting, crocheting, needlepoint, leaded glass, woodworking or even restoring a car.

3. Try coloring. Yes there are very fun adult coloring books. You can find them at craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Target to name a few. You can find all sorts of subjects, beach scenes, mandalas, flowers etc. Get yourself a great bunch of cool pens and color away.

Send us pictures! info@energeticmatrix.com. I would love to see what you have done to de-stress.

Ever heard someone in self-help books say “be careful what you wish for”?
Well they were right.
What we think is energy and energy will create a reality.
Be careful what you’re thinking. If you’re thinking that gosh you are so broke that you cannot pay your bills. Well guess what, You just told the universe you are broke and cannot pay your bills and you will broke and not able to pay your bills.

Keep your thoughts positive. If you find yourself in a negative space take a walk outside or around the office. Anything to change your thought pattern.
If you’re speaking to someone who is continually in a down mood, tell them you need to get to work or need to get off of the phone. What they are doing is projecting their negative thoughts on to you, then they feel great where as you are feeling not so good.
Give this a try and keep yourself thinking positively. You will find you are less stressed and tired, and if you eat when you’re stressed you may even see the scale moving downward.
Good luck and if you want some help give us a call. We are here to help you.

Did you know that doing something so easy could have such an effect on our health?
Grounding, or earthing, refers to connecting electrically with the Earth. A growing body of research is finding numerous health benefits as a result of the physical body being grounded.

The simplest way to be grounded is to go outside and place your bare feet or hands on some grass or earth, or to immerse yourself in a body of conductive water such as the sea or a mineral-rich lake.

With regular grounding, numerous health benefits have been observed, such as:

-Improved digestion
-Reduction of inflammation
-Reduced stress / anxiety / irritability
-Reduced electrosensitivity
-Improved sleep
-Rapid healing of injuries
-Improved blood circulation
-Accelerated recovery from intense athletic activity

Let’s get out and try it. It can’t hurt, it’s free and we just may feel a bit better naturally!


Great friend and AIM Program supporter musician Rakim
stopped in to say hello while performing in Las Vegas.
What a sweet man.
Made our day!

EMC2 Central Ladies make 70 blankets for Catholic Charities.
We are Vegas Strong

**Why going forward YOU will need AIM even more!**

By Olivia Rudgard, Social Affairs Correspondent
1 December 2017 • 9:30pm

Antibiotic resistance has caused a fall in life expectancy for the first time, the Office for National Statistics has said.

Life expectancy in future years has been revised down after the statistics authority said that “less optimistic views” about the future had to be taken into account.

Opinions on “improvements in medical science” had declined, it said, and fears of the “re-emergence of existing diseases and increases in anti-microbial resistance” meant people would not live as long as was previously expected.

The ONS uses predictions about how medicine and science will improve to model how life expectancy will change.

Under the projection made in 2010, a baby girl born in 2016 could expect to live 83.7 years. This has now been revised down to 82.9.

Life expectancy for babies born in 2060, the latest year which appears in both models, is now two years shorter than it was in the 2010 data.

Baby girls born in that year were previously expected to live to 90.1 – this has now fallen to 88.3.

Baby boys are also set to live less long, with children born in 2016 expected to live to 79.2, instead of 79.9, and those born in 2060 expected to live to 85.7 instead of 86.8.

The expectancies have been revised down before but this is the first time the ONS has said it believes resistance plays a part.

Experts have repeatedly warned of the dangers of antibiotic resistance, which could cause hundreds of diseases which are currently easily curable to become killers.

Anti-microbial resistance also includes the issue of viruses and funguses becoming resistance to antiviral and antifungal medication.

An increasing number of people with HIV have a version of the condition which is resistant to antiretroviral medication.

The NHS has previously warned that too many people are taking antibiotics for inappropriate conditions such as viruses, leading to greater resistance.

The World Health Organization has said that the phenomenon is “one of the biggest threats to global health”.

Earlier this month it told farmers and the food industry to stop giving the medicines to healthy animals.

It is also asking farmers to avoid using the varieties which are seen as the “last line of defence” because they are among the few medicines which treat certain diseases in humans.

According to a paper published earlier this month by the European Consumer Organization, antibiotic resistance is set to become a bigger killer than cancer by 2050, and routine infections could become deadly in as little as 20 years.

This “cohort” life expectancy measure is seen as the best measure of life expectancy as it takes into account expected future medical advances and changes in society.

The ONS said it had also reduced “period” life expectancy – which assumes that the current conditions remain the same – because more people than expected died in the past two years.

Sophie Sanders, of its population statistics division, said: “Improvements in life expectancy in the 2016-based projections are slightly lower than those projected in the 2014-based projections.

“This has been driven by higher mortality rates in 2015 and 2016 than were projected in the 2014-based projections and lower rates of mortality improvement at older ages over the first 25 years of the projections.”

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*EMC² Disclosure: AIM Energetic Balancing is not medicine or healthcare and it does not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease. EMC²’s holographic, spiritual technology helps you heal energetic imbalances in consciousness, where everything is created and where all true healing occurs. Only you can heal you – AIM assists you in doing so, 24/7. Imbalances in consciousness are what EMC² believes to be the predispositions, precursors or potentials for eventual negative manifestation, unless healed by you. Once healed from your consciousness, imbalances are gone for good and can neither manifest nor be passed on to offspring. Hence the phrase “Become the first in the history of your family with no family history, (except the good stuff)”. Just as every individual is unique, every AIM participant’s healing experience is unique to them.