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Priscilla R from California - AIM participant since November 2013
Testimonial provided November 2019

After a lifetime of emotional, spiritual and physical wellness struggles, Priscilla feels better now than she ever has before.
Tags: Anger; Chemical sensitivity; Eating problem; Eczema; Emotionally conflicted; Energy increase; Feeling unworthy; Frustrated; Judgmental to self and others; Multiple chemical sensitivity; Rigid; Sadness; Skeptical; Spiritual improvement; Spiritually conflicted; Stomach issues;

Hello. My name is Priscila Rodriguez and I have been on the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing since 2013. I was introduced to this amazingly powerful program in 2007 through Kevin Trudeau's book called "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About." Had I known about this life-changing experience and journey I'm enjoying today, I would have signed up in 2007.

I can confidently state I attribute my radiant health to the AIM Program. It's been a vital wellness tool of mine over the past six years. Prior to the AIM Program I did everything I knew of to feel good. I read every self-help book I could find; worked out for at least an hour and half every day; ate organic food; fasted twice a year for about 5-7 days; saw a natural homeopathic doctor; took herbal supplements; used essential oils; made time for Reiki sessions; saw SRT and Psych-K therapists; got massages and tried almost every energetic healing modality out there just to function. Even after using all of these wellness tools, I felt I needed more.

In November of 2013, with all the wellness work I had done, I was finally in a place where I said to myself, "This is my new bottom." I actually felt normal for the first time. That day, I filled out my AIM application, submitted my picture and was ready for the quantum leap.

My physical body was my major challenge since day one. I was born with a meningioma tumor under my jawline on the left side of my throat and it was surgically removed by the time I was one and a half years old. I had eczema throughout my body and I was very sensitive to harsh soaps, detergents and any type of lotions with perfume. I was limited to what I could eat since EVERYTHING made my stomach hurt and I would get sick often. Growing up, I was angry, sad, frustrated, sometimes happy, yet emotionally and spiritually conflicted.

Emotionally and spiritually, I had an underlining feeling of unworthiness. I now know it was due to my religious upbringing that I was programmed with. With the lack of emotional support and love one needs growing up, it led me to prove my worth through work, physical perfection and social approval. This caused me to be extremely judgmental towards myself and others and I unfortunately lost a lot of happy moments due to my rigidness.

I will admit, even though I looked up the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing online and read all the testimonials, I was still skeptical at first. So I made an appointment to visit the office since I was going to be in Las Vegas for a Real Estate Convention.

Immediately after meeting Roberta and the staff, any anxiety, doubt and fear completely went away. The moment I walked into the office, I was embraced with compassion and sincere love for my well-being. I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

The moment I went on the AIM Program trays, there was an instant shift in my awareness and physically I had these soft tingling vibrations that ran up and down my body. I just knew it was my new beginning! Within a couple of months, I had more energy and I even woke up happy! I continued my overall wellness routines since I figured I got my body this far, might as well keep the momentum going.

Fast forward to today. I'm 39 years old, and I feel better than I have ever have! I also look 10 years younger. From first-hand experience, I can tell you the AIM Program works. It really enhances you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In this universe where everything and everyone is connected, I now understand that all my conscious and unconscious painful struggles taught me how to take care of myself. So now, I can share my experiences with others and show them that there is hope and wonderful wellness tools out there, that are absolutely affordable.

My overall well-being is at its best, based on my physical proof, emotional strength and spiritual improvement. Allowing me to firmly state with confidence that AIM Program is the BEST wellness tool out there!

And with a humble heart, I would like to thank Roberta, Peter, Evan and the AIM family staff for ALL that you do!

Priscila Rodriguez

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