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There's A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem
About the AIM Program
(Transcript from the audio tape series)

There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

As Spoken by Wayne Dyer:

"I’d like you to think for a moment of anything that is inhabiting your body, not as a disease. Get the concept out of your mind, just for a few minutes.

Disease doesn’t exist. God created everything; everything God created is good. It’s a very common theme here, and so disease is just not a possibility.

Dis-ease. Dis-order. Dis-harmony. It just doesn’t exist.

Because everything God created is good. And disease isn’t good, so it’s not real. It’s not real; it can’t exist – only in our minds.

And then our minds create what isn’t real. Illusions.

And instead of thinking of it as a disease – I’d like for you to think of it for a moment as energy, with a frequency.

It is energy with a frequency that is inhabiting your body that is not in harmony with the frequency at which your body was created in association with God.

It’s just an incompatible frequency that’s all it is.

It’s not good; it’s not bad. It’s not right, it’s not wrong. It’s just a frequency that if it continues to occupy your body, your body cannot survive. Just energy, pure and simple.

No good in it, no bad in it – just energy, ok?

And I’d like you to open yourself up to a idea; I have come in contact with a teacher his name is Stephen Lewis. He’s written a book, and it’s a novel and its called Sanctuary. And if you read it, you’ll say "Sanctuary much!" One of my kids jokes, sorry about that, I don’t know how that got in there.

The subtitle is called The Path to Consciousness and it is about the ability to identify frequencies that are occupying your body – to have them, if they are incompatible with your perfect health – a hundred thousand cycles per second, identified and removed.

And, um, well it’s a program, and the program is called AIM. And I am not endorsing or not endorsing it – I receive no financial remuneration for those of you who are interested in it. It is something that I bring to you, to these tapes, to this program, to this world because I happen to be visible right now. And it is something that I would like you to consider, think about, and share. Listen to some of the people who’ve been on this program.

And then I’m going to make it even more strange. While the central character in this book is Max, who is not a physician, but an energy balancer who has identified all of the frequencies of virtually everything that we have called diseases and then coming up with the frequency at which they vibrate. And he can identify them through a process using a photograph.

Now the weirdest and strangest thing about all of this is that I talked to my friend about this, Dr. Chopra, and asked if this was feasible – that an image of you contains the energy of you. And he said, technically 100 years from now, we’ll be able to clone a sheep… from a photograph of a sheep. Pretty weird, huh? I told him, when it gets real strange – I’ll identify it so you don’t think I don’t know.

But I’d like you to suspend your disbelief just for a moment, and I have seen this at work. Now you know what holography is and holographic theory is. If you take one drop of blood out of your finger, and put it on a scale to measure what’s in your blood, it will tell you what’s in every bit of your blood – everywhere in your entire system. From that one tiny drop. Right? Sounds strange, but it’s true.

And if they take one cell from anywhere in your body, they can run a laser through it and literally reproduce the entire you – that’s what cloning is. From the one cell contains the whole. That’s why it’s called a hologram or holography.

But what is now being discovered is that a photograph in high states of consciousness and the images show up on the photographs themselves. And you know about Kirlian photography and the ability to measure invisible things and true photography and it happens all the time. But the idea that a photograph of you contains all of the energy of who you are and that that photograph can have an identification of the energy of your body and that the energy that will remove those energies which are incompatible in your life can be identified in a photograph, treated and literally removed from you.

Does that sound strange? Watch out, ‘cause that’s what’s coming. And not only have I seen it in operation, I have been there when a photograph of me has been put on there and read. And then a photograph of my wife has been put on and read. And a photograph of one of my children has been put on and read. And a photograph of Stephen has been put on and read. And I’ve seen the differences in what shows up and what doesn’t. And each of these photographs can be put on a tray and these photographs can be bombarded with various energies and literally have them removed from your body. Just a thought: human energy systems.

And here’s Courtney Cox, “I have been fortunate enough to have worked with the real Max for over three years. I don’t know what I would do without him. I don’t believe anyone can afford not to be a part of it.”

Here’s Burt Bacharach. You know who Burt Bacharach is? “I’ve seen Max do some amazing things with me and with others. It would be unfortunate for anyone not to avail themselves of energetic balancing.”

Linda Grey, “As a member of Sanctuary for many years, the techniques illustrated in this book seem quite normal to me and to the many people I have sent to the real-life Max. Sanctuary is the most glorious gift that anyone could ever receive.”

You all know who Herb Alpert is, the musician, well his wife – her name is Lani Hall – was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and was told to go home and die. And the story opens with someone who is in that place in her life. Who has been through the chemo, who has been through the radiation, who has been through all of the traditional ways of putting more poisons into our system and hoping that those poisons won’t kill you before the one they are trying to get rid of will. There are more people in our country who make a living off of cancer than who have cancer.

And cancer is just one small symptom. And here’s what Lani Hall said, in her endorsement of Sanctuary; “My day nurse rolled me into Max’s office in my wheel chair, with my husband at my side. Getting out of bed had become such an ordeal for me, that I was not the most agreeable person. When I met Max and Jennifer, Jennifer was filled with compassion, patience and kindness. Max had an abundance of confidence with an enduring mixture of street toughness and a caring heart.”

That really describes Max, street tough-guy you would never think of that would spend his entire life on identifying frequencies and being able to apply them in a way to help people to remove those energies from their life. We use the word healing. It’s written as a novel because it’s just the best way to stay out of litigation and all of the people who are threatened by the idea that human energy systems are going to be the wave of the future. Its not even talked about in medical schools. But it will be.

“Max found the negative frequencies that were interfering with my well being, gave me the energetic solutions to clear those negative frequencies. Then sent me home saying it would take about a week to work.” This is the woman in a wheel chair. “For four days I took the energetic solutions with no change at all. On the fifth morning I opened my eyes after a restless and painful night, and discovered I was completely pain free. Not a twinge. My world had shifted in one sunlight morning. I called Max, and he said it was a coincidence.” Lani Hall, Mrs. Herb Albert.

So I invited Max, Steve, to come to my home. And he came with this huge machine and computer that identified frequencies. And then he read my wife and he read me, and he told us what frequencies we had. What frequencies we inherited and what frequencies we acquired. What our life force was, what the potential for when these frequencies would show up in our lives – what age. It was all, everything he put in there. Things he never could have possibly known about me kept showing up and showing up as he was reading these energies.

And then I went on the program, and my wife went on it, and our children went on it. And my life force moved from 71 to 99 in about 5 months. And two things, many things have happened, with this energy balancing. Something I just happen to believe in. Or maybe it’s the fact that I believe in it. But two things that are absolutely noticeable.

I have snored for 15 years, with an upper respiratory something or another. And my wife said to me this summer, do you realize you don’t snore anymore? Well I never realized I did. I always told her I knew I didn’t snore. Then I would be awake, and I knew I wasn’t awake… you know that story. I just don’t snore any longer.

And as a runner, I’ve had a disgusting thing called yellow toenail. Those of you who are runners know about it, a fungus. And I’ve been told that it’s incurable. Unless you want to take some drug that was offered to me called Lamisil, I believe. But the option is you loose your liver, or potentially you may. So I said I’d rather have my liver and yellow toenails. Today, I have no yellow toenails. The fungus is gone.

How many times have you heard it said that herpes is incurable, by the medical community? How many times? Don’t you hear it every day? It’s an energy. It can be identified. And there is nothing out there, when we think of energies that can’t be identified.

And Sanctuary for me and for my family and for some of the people I have encouraged to be on it. Again, I want to make it very clear – I am not profiting or getting anything from it – because there is a charge associated with it. But read Sanctuary, Just read it. And read it with a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing. And see if, in fact, there is something in there that resonates with you. And then make up your own minds about if that’s the direction you want to go.

So that’s the continuum on the scale of your physical health. A, B, C. At C or between B & C, which is where I recommend you start spending your life energy, you work not at eliminating symptoms, but at moving towards perfect health. Towards more perfect health by having energetic foods, by watching how much water you drink, and making sure you drink plenty of it. By not contaminating your energy field with thoughts that say things are going to get worse. I can’t cure myself of this. This is an impossibility… all of these kinds of thoughts, which bring down our energy. And begin to see yourself at a hundred thousand cycles per second.

And anybody who would like to come into your energy field and contaminate it with thoughts of negativity, or things can’t happen or can’t work – you immediately diffuse that. By not allowing such a thing, because remember if you take your arm any moment and stick it out in front of you and make a complete circle like this, just a complete circle like this – that’s your energy field. And if you do it above your head and below your feet; that is your energy field. And it’s shaped like an egg – oblong. And the thing in there that this energy field is connected by, it’s called the assemblage point of energy.

And at this assemblage point of energy is such that if it determines your agreements with reality and if what you agree reality is, is based upon where your assemblage point of energy. And if you could move that assemblage point of energy, just to the left a little bit or to the right just a little bit – you would rewrite your agreement with reality. You literally would come up with a new perception, not a perception you want to convince anybody else is right anymore than I am interested in convincing anyone of you that I am right.

I’m just here because I got the mic and you showed up. And I’m just sharing with you what I know to be true for me. But if you come into my energy field with negativity, or with what can’t work, or why I am wrong – you will find me just slowly disappearing. I will not argue with you, I will not try to make you wrong, I will not engage you in such a way as to make myself feel disempowered, because I don’t want to be confronted with anybody who brings negative energy.

If you want to share with me the death report or the accident report and the bad weather report, and the horror report, and the crime report – I suggest you write it and try to imagine how little I care. Or want to even be informed about it. Because it’s not news – its not news any longer.

As Thoreau said at Walden Pond, “Somebody dying in an accident ceases to be news after you’ve heard it once.”

You no longer need to hear the negativity and expose yourself to it, because remember energy comes into your senses and it is completely uncontaminated. It only becomes contaminated when you interpret it and do something about it. If you measure it before it hits your eye, or hits your ear, you’ve discovered its just energy."

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