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Explanation of the Newly-Revealed Frequency Update


Each week, EMC²'s AIM Program Weekly News includes a Newly-Revealed Frequency Update. This is a brief explanation of the purpose for that Update.

EMC² looks for new or previously-unrevealed energetic imbalances on a nearly daily basis. The main reason for this is to find energetic imbalances for which there are no balancing energies on the AIM trays. When a new/previously-unrevealed energetic imbalance is found, its effective balancing energy is determined and then added to the database of balancing energies that are the major part of the AIM Program. EMC²'s primary interest in this is to ensure that the AIM Program is as complete as possible, i.e. that AIM delivers a balancing energy for all known energetic imbalances.

When a previously-unknown energetic imbalance is revealed to EMC² we announce its existence along with what we know about that imbalance. As a rule, we actually know very little about the newly-revealed imbalance because we only know about this imbalance in one person, the one in whom it was revealed. The good and bad news is that people are different. For everyone other than the one in whom it was revealed, this newly-revealed imbalance may be a milestone in their energetic healing or it may be a mere footnote in their healing journey.

As a courtesy and as a way of spreading this information throughout the universal consciousness which we all share, EMC² begins by informing you about where this imbalance appears energetically in the participant in whom it was found, i.e. in which energetic orb(s) it was found. Is this imbalance present in you? We don't know because we can't and don't do an energetic evaluation on every AIM Participant for every newly-revealed imbalance. We do know one thing: If you have been on the AIM Program for a year or more and this newly-revealed imbalance is present in you, then physically, emotionally and spiritually it will probably be familiar to you in some way because it will tend to have similarities to what you have already balanced. Each participant has imbalances that are "layered", and not all layers are created equal. Often, the layers are based on an underlying imbalance, either hereditary or karmic (see the article States of Imbalance for more detail on the different types of energetic imbalances). And the underlying imbalance(s) (deeper layers of the onion) determine the experience of subsequent imbalances (outer layers of the onion).

Regardless of where a newly-revealed imbalance may be present energetically, you will self-heal it whenever and however you need to by your higher consciousness selecting the balancing energy when you are ready for it.

As a result of this balancing process, your consciousness increases, your Life Force is raised and your Biological Age decreases. That is what the AIM Program is all about.

Because of that, we will never stop looking for new and previously-unrevealed energetic imbalances.

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