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Evan Slawson is a Founder of EMC², the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness along with Roberta Hladek and Stephen Lewis.
This page provides miscellaneous information related to Evan's Founder Calls.
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EMC² Founder call February 16, 2022
Breaking out of Karma Jail
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Resources mentioned in the call:
Science: Religion In Sheep's Clothing
Goal Cards

Additional resources:
States of Imbalance- A comparison of active, hereditary and karmic energetic imbalances
Tenets of EMC² - Tenet 7 - Self Responsibility
Recognizing patterns once you become aware of them:
   Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon
   Reticular Activator

A weird example of karma?
Is this karma? Maybe, but I think it is more correct to think of it as atonement.
Family of girl killed in 1968 finds closure after Sanford hit-and-run death
Man who died saving Little Leaguers hid his dark past for over 40 years


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