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Evan Slawson is a cofounder of EMC², the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness along with Roberta Hladek and Stephen Lewis.
This page provides miscellaneous information related to Evan's Founder Calls.
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EMC² Founder call August 15, 2018
Karma: We Can Work It Out
First we do a brief review of how we acquire active, hereditary and karmic energetic imbalances. Then we look at what we can do about karmic imbalances, which are the foundation for all the others. (Evan's short article States of Imbalance provides more background on active, hereditary and karmic energetic imbalances. It will help prepare you for this talk about working out karma.)
Please note that run time of the call is around 30 minutes. The rest is Q&A afterwards.

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61 minutes

(If you can, listen to the recording - I think it's better, more complete.
For extra goodness, follow along in the transcript as you listen to the recording.
The Q&A is not transcribed.)

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Articles and other info mentioned in the call:
States of Imbalance- A comparison of active, hereditary and karmic energetic imbalances
Science: Religion In Sheep's Clothing
Enhancing Frequency: Replace Anger with Forgiveness
Tenets of EMC² - Tenet 7 - Self Responsibility
Recognizing patterns once you become aware of them:
   Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon
   Reticular Activator

A weird example of karma?
Is this karma? Maybe, but I think it is more correct to think of it as atonement.
Family of girl killed in 1968 finds closure after Sanford hit-and-run death
Man who died saving Little Leaguers hid his dark past for over 40 years


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