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Moddy Merritt from Texas - AIM participant since August 2005

Moddy Merritt describes how her outlook on life has changed for the better since self-healing on The AIM Program.
Tags: Calm; Healthier; Never sick anymore; Outlook on life changed; Peaceful;


"Well, I went on The AIM Program two years ago…and I have found that within the last two years my life is changed for the much much better. I’m never sick any more. I’m an International Flight Attendant. I’m on airplanes anywhere from 8 ½ to 13 ½ hours and all those germs are just re-circulating, and while all my co-workers get sick I have not called in sick once in the last two years. As opposed to at least 2 or 3 times a year for the past 16 years before I got on the tray, so I am really really thrilled about that. It’s also changed my outlook on life, where before I would see problems and obstacles in my path and frustrations…now I see opportunities to grow, to learn, to embrace something new. So the whole mindset, my whole mindset has changed, I am peaceful, calm and this is a really wonderful way to live."

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