Video Testimonial Transcript


Hip-Hop pioneer and Mega-Star Rakim opens up about how he searched to find answers when his son Jabar began having seizures. Rakim and Jabar believe The AIM Program was instrumental to their own healing.




"I would say to my fans…the best thing I could tell them is it’s called The AIM Program. It’s the perfect thing for us. This is my big little man here; this is my son Jabar. I’ve been talkin a lot for him, but I’m gonna let him tell you how he feels about the situation."


"I feel good since I've been on the program. And I could play football now, and not have to worry about the seizures. I could just live a normal life."


"I'm grateful. And I know he is and, you know this is a thing that everybody need in they life. It's our body healing ourself. And one of the first things that Stephen said to me. I'm not gonna do anything for you, I gonna set you up where you could heal yourself. Respecting the program so much, I was kinda scared to talk about it. You don't know if they are really going to understand what you trying to tell 'em. It seems far-fetched. I think this right here is the future. And I think, you know, we all need to know about it."

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