EMC² Privacy Policy

EMC² believes that personal privacy is essential in today's world. Hand in hand with that is confidentiality. In accord with these concepts, EMC² never ever sells, rents or otherwise allows any non-EMC² third party to have any access whatsoever to your contact information or any other information about you except:

  • E-mailing and mailing services who are also obligated to keep your information confidential (and we are currently not using any such outside service), or
  • As EMC² may be required by force of law.
  • Though we have rarely done so, it is conceivable that at some point EMC² could become so excited about a non-EMC² product or service that we would want to tell you about it. If that should happen we would contact you ourselves rather than provide your information to another organization.

EMC² Facilitators and EMC² Privacy Policy

When you ask EMC² for information, EMC² may refer your request to one of its independent Facilitators. When you become a participant in The AIM Program, you usually already have a Facilitator. If not, EMC² usually assigns you to a Facilitator.

Facilitators are ministers of EMC² and are contractually and ethically bound by the same privacy restraints that EMC² itself practices. Facilitators are not allowed to use your contact information or any other information for any purposes outside of their EMC² ministry.

The only time a Facilitator is free to contact you outside of their EMC² ministry is if you were introduced to EMC² by that Facilitator. At that point, EMC² cannot rightfully forbid the Facilitator from contacting you outside their ministry. But if you were referred to your Facilitator by EMC², the agreement between EMC² and its Facilitators forbids use of your information for any purpose other than those directly related to EMC² and The AIM Program. Most Facilitators honor this agreement strictly and with great integrity. If your Facilitator should violate the trust for your privacy you and we have placed in them, please contact EMC² and let us know about it.

What EMC² does with your contact information

If you request information

When you request information from EMC² and you provide a mailing address, we send a packet by mail. We may also include you in future mailings. Typically, we do not otherwise contact you directly. Concurrently with sending mail to you, EMC² typically provides your request for more information to an independent EMC² Facilitator. The Facilitator may and should make at least one attempt to contact you about your information request. It is acceptable to EMC² for its independent Facilitators to make multiple attempts to contact you, at their discretion and within reason.

If you are an AIM Program Participant

When you become a participant in The AIM Program, EMC² typically mails a welcome letter and a receipt each time you begin a new AIM Program. EMC² may also email you its periodic updates or event notices. Your Facilitator may contact you from time to time, to let you know about energetic evaluation results, if any, and to keep in touch about other aspects of your participation in The AIM Program.

Weekly Newsletters and Occasional Announcements/Reminders

Both Information Requests and Participants receive our weekly newsletter which contains information about recent energetic imbalance revelations, other news, if any, and information about events which are typically opportunities to learn more about the AIM Program. Occasionally (one or two times per month) we may send a reminder and/or announcement for an important event.

How to stop EMC² from contacting you

We carefully maintain our database with the capability to exclude you from mail and/or email contact at your request.

If for any reason you do not wish EMC² or your Facilitator to contact you, simply tell us, using any of the contact information on this page.

Newsletters and announcements always include a "Click here to change your EMC² email preferences" link. Your preference changes are recorded and honored within a few minutes of submission.

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