Explanation of the Newly Revealed Hereditary Frequency Update

More Or Less About What We Don't Know


Each week, EMC²'s AIM Program Weekly News includes a Newly Revealed Hereditary Frequency Update. This page is a brief explanation of the purpose that Update.

When a previously unknown hereditary imbalance is revealed to EMC² we try to tell AIM participants what we know about that imbalance. Unfortunately, it is quite easy for us to do that because we know so little about it that pertains to every AIM Participant. We only know about this imbalance in one person, the one in whom it was revealed. The good and bad news is that people are different.

We begin by informing you about how this imbalance manifests in the participant in whom it was found. Do you have this imbalance? We don't know. If you do have it, we still don't know how it manifests in you. We do know one thing: If you have been on the AIM Program for a year or more and you do have this hereditary imbalance, then physically, emotionally and spiritually it will be quite familiar to you because it will probably be similar to what you have already balanced. Each participant has imbalances that are "layered", and not all layers are created equal.

We also know this: however it manifests, it will be gone quickly, because once it is "exposed", you will detox it wherever and however you need to.

As a result of that, our consciousness is increasing, our Life Force is raised and our Biological Age has decreased. Now that is what the AIM Program is all about.

We will never stop looking.

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