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Video Testimonials



John & Lenora Helser enrolled their adult daughter, who has Autism, on The AIM Program. Watch as they share this amazing story of transformation.
Run time: 1:20



Tina Crisp suffered from allergies her entire life. She shares how she used The AIM Program to heal her allergies and asthma.
Run time: 0:58



Larry Webb talks about healing himself of severe diabetic neuropathy while enrolled on The AIM Program.
Run time: 1:11



Olympic swimmer Katrina Radke discusses The AIM Program and how she healed herself of chronic fatigue and went from invalid to a top-ranked swimmer in less than 2 years.
Run time: 1:15



Sophia Bugdadi talks about how after self-healing while on AIM, her longtime Mitral Valve Prolapse disappeared.
Run time: 0:45



Frank LaSpina talks about his personal success after becoming a participant in The AIM Program.
Run time: 1:18



Laura Morgan talks about how she healed herself of high blood pressure while on The AIM Program.
Run time: 1:27



Moddy Merritt describes how her outlook on life has changed for the better since self-healing on The AIM Program.
Run time: 1:08



Jason Hart had suffered with chronic back pain for years. He shares his story of self-healing while on The AIM Program.
Run time: 1:11



Renee Snider explains how with the help of The AIM Program she can now enjoy her cats without having an allergic reaction.
Run time: 0:57



Denise Mathieson explains how her son Morgan self-healed his Autism with The AIM Program, and was the first child at his school to be removed from the Autism program.
Run time: 0:51



Mary Lou Arbizu explains how The AIM Program helped her daughter Sasha have a normal life after self-healing her severe asthma.
Run time: 1:21



Kevin Foresman explains how he rapidly self-healed after having extensive dental surgery.
Run time: 1:29



Kathleen Diamond explains how she used The AIM Program to self-heal the migraines she suffered from since the age of 13.
Run time: 0:47



Myra Williamson describes how she healed herself of many illnesses while on The AIM Program.
Run time: 1:08



Emily talks about how The AIM Program helps her stay Cancer free and the incredible story of how she became pain-free from Rheumatoid Arthritis after 29 years.
Run time: 0:38



John Marialli discusses how The AIM Program helped his leg and stomach issues vanish, and increased his libido.
Run time: 0:59



Norma Marialli shares how she has increased her physical well-being while on AIM.
Run time: 0:40



Hip-Hop pioneer and Mega-Star Rakim opens up about how he searched to find answers when his son Jabar began having seizures. Rakim and Jabar believe The AIM Program was instrumental to their own healing.
Run time: 1:21



David Williamson discusses how he self-healed his chronic allergies, and how The AIM Program helped him heal emotionally.
Run time: 0:50


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