Karma - We Can Work It Out

Evan Slawson EMC² Founder Call transcript
August 15, 2018

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I'm sure everybody read my short article "States of Imbalance - A comparison of active, hereditary and karmic energetic imbalances" in advance as I suggested, but we'll review the concepts in it for those, like me, whose karma includes a resistance to doing homework.

So for starters: What are energetic imbalances? Energetic imbalances are blockages in the energetic matrix that prevent the flow of Life Force. What is the energetic matrix? The energetic matrix is what I like to call the architecture of consciousness that manifests the material world. What do I mean by architecture of consciousness? I believe that everything that "is", is a manifestation of consciousness. The physical world does not exist a priori. (I.e. first, meaning before the physical world). Consciousness exists first and brings the physical world into existence. In other words it "manifests" the physical world. I donít know about you, but my parents actually forced me to read a book about this when I was a little kid. It starts out: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." You might have read that book too. What is God, my friends, if not the ultimate consciousness? And that particular book is very clear that that particular consciousness very specifically manifested the heavens and the earth. And we, made in the image of that consciousness, are manifestations of the architecture of that consciousness that created the material world, including us. And as those made-in-the-image beings, we inherit the abiiity to manifest our own material worlds. And the first thing we do when we manifest our own material world is we manifest the architecture of that world. It is like the drawing on a napkin that pre-sages what will become detailed architectural drawings which in turn will be used to create a mighty skyscraper. I've talked about this in much more detail elsewhere.

What I'm saying is that we are conscious beings swimming in the cytoplasm of a sea of consciousness. We are alive and everything around us is alive. We are both manifesting and being manifested all the time. And that's where the States of Imbalance come in.

The architecture of consciousness provides a matrix of pathways upon which flow Life Force. This flow of Life Force on the energetic matrix formed by the architecture of consciousness is how our material world is manifested. And it manifests everything including our body, our families, our homes, our cars, our bank accounts etc etc. Blockages to the flow of Life Force cause the manifestations also to be blocked in some way. These blockages cause the manifestation of illness, of poverty and scarcity, sow the seeds of doubt, cause us to stray from our destinies.

What are these blockages? That was and is outlined in my article States of Imbalance and elsewhere, like the book Sanctuary: the Path to Consciousness which I wrote with Stephen Lewis. These blockages aka energetic imbalances often have names that are the same as or similar to the names of diseases. As you probably already know and have heard, EMC² does not claim that energetic imbalances are actual diseases. They may often have the same name but, by definition. diseases are identified by processes that are part of a particular belief system -- I prefer to think of it as a religion -- called Science with a capital S. (If you want to read about this, you might enjoy my article "Science: Religion in Sheep's Clothing" available on fine EMC² and EMC² Facilitator websites everywhere. EMC² does not undertake those processes and does not address the alleged physical world in which those diseases are believed to occur. Instead, we are talking about a spiritual world, a world of consciousness, that comes before the physical world.

There is a saying "as above, so below." This is the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence. It is very much like the mathematical property of Equality where if a=b then b=a. Therefore if as above, so below, it is also as below, so above. I don't know which one is above and which is below, vis-ŗ-vis the spiritual world of consciousness or the physical world, but it doesn't ultimately matter because energetic imbalances in the a priori world of consciousness seem to mirror the behavior of diseases in the manifested physical world -- and vice versa, just like the Principle of Correspondence and the property of Equality say they should.

But energetic imbalances are not solely things that have names that are the same as or similar to the names of diseases. As it turns out, there are a much wider range of things that block or otherwise distort the flow of Life Force. These can be thought forms and they can be emotions. Discussing all of these and the many other possibilities beyond those two is like refracting light through a prism. Depending on the angle that the light enters the prism, it can be disassembled and/or reassembled in many different ways.

In the States of Imbalance article, we classified energetic imbalances in three main ways. We classified them by "when" energetic imbalances were acquired and we also classified them by "how" they were acquired and then we discussed classification by "energy level".

The three main classifications of energetic imbalances according to when they were acquired are Active, Hereditary and Karmic.
Active imbalances were acquired in this lifetime, with a subcategory of chronic imbalances which are active imbalances that have been around for a while
Hereditary imbalances, were acquired the old fashioned way, i.e. through your parents and their parents etc
and finally karmic imbalances which are carried with the spirit or soul from sometime before this lifetime.

Those energetic imbalance classifications are listed in the reverse order of when you acquired them because it seems to make sense to list them in the order that we normally detox them. We normally shed the most recently-acquired imbalances first, then the ones acquired before that, going back through time bit by bit. We sometimes talk about this as if it's like peeling the layers of an onion. You have to peel away the outer layers before you can get to the inner layers. This is not a strict order that always goes that way but it is the general trend. You will almost certainly clear some hereditary en
ergetic imbalance frequencies while working your way through the active energetic imbalances, but getting through the more-recently-acquired energetic imbalances is just easier and that's the way it will tend to happen.

Stephen Lewis, co-founder of EMC², did, by my calculations, over a million energetic evaluations and in the course of investigating them found that the karmic imbalances, brought with you from lifetime to lifetime, form the template for attraction of hereditary energetic imbalances and then the combined and separate patterns of karmic and hereditary energetic imbalances form the template that attracts your actively-acquired energetic imbalances.

(By the way, when I refer to multiple lifetimes or things prior to this lifetime, this is not religious dogma. EMC² doesn't require or recommend any particular belief in reincarnation. In fact, there are simple ways to reconcile the "multiple lifetimes" concept with systems that strongly insist that we only have one life. That discussion is outside the scope of this talk on working out karma, but we'll have that discussion sometime. In any case, this information about karmic imbalances and the nature of those imbalances was revealed in the course of the energetic evaluations that Stephen did in this realm.)

The States of Imbalance article addresses this material in a bit more detail and please do read it if you have not yet done so. It's not homework anymore, it's just something interesting to check out.


What is karma? Karma is a Sanskrit word and our understanding of it may depend on who we are. In the West we non-Hindus speak of "good karma" and "bad karma." What we mean is to be inevitably rewarded or punished in this lifetime for our good or bad deeds or intentions. And if not in this lifetime, we hope that surely in some future lifetime, if any, we will be amply rewarded for our good deeds and hopefully escape punishment for our bad deeds. (I recommend hiding under the bed.) And we generally call being rewarded for our good deeds "good karma" and being punished for our bad deeds "bad karma." But it's my understanding that in the strictest interpretations of the Hindu teachings there is no such thing as good karma. All karma is bad. Karma is defined as the strings of fate and action that bind us to the illusion of the material world and therefore inherently get in the way of achieving the liberation of enlightenment.

And in a sense, it is this way for EMC²'s use of the word karma, based on Stephen's work in this area. We think primarily of karma as the unresolved negative emotions that we bring from lifetime to lifetime. And each of us uses that energetic pattern of the particular combination of unresolved negative emotions to attract the patterns of hereditary and active imbalances that make up our experience of dis-ease in this lifetime. And -- wait there's more -- we also can acquire new unresolved negative emotional imbalances that can become karmic imbalances in a future lifetime if we don't resolve these in this lifetime.

One saving grace is that all of this dance of energetic imbalances is all about working out your issues, working out your karma. It's not some pointless punishment for some misdeed of the past. These are all about the lessons each of us must learn to progress in our soul journey.

If we can just clear up all of our unresolved negative emotions from this life and before that, we become truly free and empowered. Free to achieve enlightenment. Empowered to achieve whatever it is we want to do. Remember, our Life Force increases as we remove our energetic imbalances.

Somebody once told me she stopped being on the AIM Program because she had so much energy she didn't know what to do with it all but now she didn't have much energy because she stopped the AIM Program. I suggested that the solution was to go back on AIM. She asked me "then what -- what do I do with all the energy?" This reminds me of a story I've heard several versions of. There was an enlightened master who was known for his paintings. Someone comes upon him just finishing a painting of a hermit sweeping out his hut. The master explains that the hermit has just achieved enlightenment. The person asks "Then what?" The master says "Keep sweeping."

So that's the answer here, too, for the person who asked me then what to do with all the energy. Keep sweeping. But what is sweeping? Specifically, what I told her was that she should use her increased Life Force for its real purpose which is to create the life she chose this lifetime to have. Each of us has a purpose and part of our task is to find out what that purpose is and then fulfill it.

Maybe you've heard of Dorothy Parker. She was a well-known and sharp-witted writer of the early-mid-20th century. She was also a member of a group of literary wiseguys in New York City in the 1920s which met daily for lunch and especially drinks in the restaurant of the Algonquin Hotel. I'm sure you've been through the drill where you're trying to get your waiter's attention and you do everything short of setting your table on fire and even though they pretend to be scanning the room looking for anyone that needs something, they manage to overlook you using your napkin as a semaphore flag. One of the Algonquin waiters died and Dorothy Parker wrote an epitaph "By and by, God caught his eye."

Here's the thing: Karma isn't like that. You will definitely get its attention. In fact, you already have. Your karmic energetic imbalances have driven many aspects of your life in ways you don't like and until you clear them, they'll continue doing it.

Because of that I believe that the most important part of EMC²'s AIM Program of Energetic Balancing is the set of balancing energies that help you remove your karmic energetic imbalances. If you connect the dots, that really means all of the balancing energies because all energetic imbalances ultimately derive or arrive from the karmic imbalances, but the balancing energies that help you clear the unresolved negative emotions are the ones that hold the potential to eliminate all the harmful patterns in your life.

What are we supposed to do about our karma?
I suggest 2 levels -
The old stuff - taking out the trash
The new stuff - keeping the place clean

The AIM Program, because it is going 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days per year, is definitely helping you do a lot of the heavy lifting of clearing these karmic energetic imbalances.

Is AIM enough to get us through our karma? It might shock you to hear that I believe the answer is "no." As an example, I have several toolboxes full of tools in my garage. But no one tool will get me all the way through a job of any size. Sorry to say, it's the same with working out your karma. You need a bunch of tools. But just like working on any project that requires tools, there are often one or more tools that you absolutely must have or you can't do the job. You may need clamps and a workbench and files and grinders to complete a welding task, but you can't weld something without a welder. The most important tool is not the welding machine by the way. It's the person who is doing the welding. That's the same with AIM. You are the most important tool in clearing your energetic imbalances.

Somebody once asked me "Aren't I supposed to work out my own karma? Doesn't AIM get in the way of that?" First, I think that the choice to participate in the AIM Program is already a huge step you are taking to work out your own karma. Second, if you need to get from Los Angeles to New York City there are lots of ways to do it. You could crawl, you can walk, you can drive or you can fly. There's no rule that says you have to do it the hardest way. And when you get to your destination, you will still have steps to take that weren't part of your journey to get to New York City. It is the same with removing these karmic imbalances. Take the easy way as much as you can. The AIM Program. The easy personal action steps. Maybe that will clear up everything. But probably not. Whatever's left after that, you may have to figure out on your own. But you'll have the tools to do it. Your Life Force will be strong enough to do it, especially as you remain on AIM over time.

So just like the toolbox story, you can help things along too. I believe that some of the best additional tools are these:


First, intend to do this work. Intend to clean up your karma as best you can. And the fact is that you can do it perfectly if you focus your intention.

Once your intention gets focused on removing these unresolved negative emotions, you use that intention to become aware of them. Once you point your intention in that way, you'll find that you experience what's called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon where once you become aware of something you start encountering it over and over again. This is often credited to a group of nerve fibers in the brain stem known as the Reticular Activator. The Reticular Activator provides a mechanism for the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenom.

So once you start thinking about unresolved negative emotions, you become aware of specific unresolved negative emotions in yourself. Once an unresolved negative emotion is identified, you focus your intention on resolving it.

I am so tempted to start abbreviating the words unresolved negative emotion to U N E but that seems so abstract that it becomes meaningless.

It is my experience that resolving U N E's, whether from this life or before, is done by allowing yourself to experience the unresolved emotion, no matter how painful it is. In order to fully acknowledge that emotion you must embrace it and love it. To do this, you may have to be willing to accept that you were wrong and that you, not some other, created that unresolved negative emotion.

Remember the Golden Rule -- he who has the gold makes the rules -- no of course I'm kidding. The Golden Rule is "do unto others as you would have others do unto you." But I call that the short form of the Golden Rule. The long form of the Golden Rule is "do unto others as you would have others do unto you because there is no other." E really does equal mc-squared. There is just one giant field of energy and if as part of that field you are conscious then all of it is conscious because there is no separate thing to be not-conscious. And there is no other because there is just the single infinite field of energy slash consciouness. And since there is no other, you have to observe EMC²'s Tenet of Self-Responsibility which says in part "Self-responsibility means acknowledging that we are the cause of everything in our own lives."

How do you recognize unresolved negative emotions? Especially how do you recognize the karmic ones?

If you resonate with the idea "I have learned from my mistakes and I'm sure I can repeat them exactly" you are probably wrestling with the patterns embedded by karmic energetic imbalances and maybe unresolved negative emotions from this lifetime as well.

It's not important to differentiate between karmic and recently-acquired unresolved negative emotions. You want to clear them all, as soon as you see one. Whether it's a karmic one or recently acquired is irrelevant. Take the steps to remove it. Keep your intention focused, become aware and stay aware of each one, then focus the intention to feel that emotion as deeply and truthfully as you possibly can.

In Walden, Henry David Thoreau said: "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth." That is the attitude that you must take. You must accept nothing less than the genuine true experience of these unresolved negative emotions.

The single most important technique for resolving unresolved negative emotions is forgiveness.

When you become aware of an unresolved negative emotion or U N E, find the part that hurts. Find the part where forgiveness didn't happen. It doesn't matter whether somebody didn't forgive you. That's very secondary. Because there is no other, it's all about you creating the resistance that creates the resistance.

Even if you don't feel ready to forgive, act as if you are. Speak as if you are. Tell yourself you are. Say at least to yourself that you forgive so-and-so for whatever.

Again, even if you can't really get yourself to forgive, act as if you can. Say the words of forgiveness. Feel the feeling of forgiveness as best you can. Picture in your mind the one that needs forgiving. Picture in your mind the thing, the action, that needs forgiveness. And say "If forgive you." Picture in your mind the thing that needs forgiveness simply fading away and vanishing. Do it until it is real. Act as-if until it-is.

Identify the one that needs the most forgiveness and forgive him or her for everything. Here's an important hint: The one that needs the most forgiveness is you.

Try to prevent accumulating more karma in this lifetime. Again, the primary path is through forgiveness of self and others. The Lord's Prayer says "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." (There's a really strange thing where everybody pronounces that phrase incorrectly. They unconsciously repeat it in the cadence that it was unconsciously repeated to them, so they manage to miss the real meaning of it. They say "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." They emphasis "against" not "us" and thus miss the point. Even if you explain this, most people seem unable to grasp another rhythm being more sensible. Against doesn't need to be emphasized because it is the definition of trespass. Trespass is against something. In this case it is us which is what benefits from emphasis. Meditate on this. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Say it again in first person singular: As I forgive those who trespass against me. As I forgive those who trespass against me.

We are asking God to forgive us in the manner of our own forgiving. So I suggest we get real good at forgiving.

To sum up:
Identify your karmic energetic imbalances via AIM and via self-exploration as I've detailed above.

You can do it.

And in the end, you're just letting these unresolved negative emotions go.

It's funny that my subtitle for this talk Karma: We Can Work It Out is a subtle reference to the Beatles song We Can Work It Out, but when I look at the lyrics to that song, it's all about the other person being wrong.

So instead of that, here's the end of Jackson Browne's song The Late Show:
It's like you're standing in the window
Of a house nobody lives in
And I'm sitting in a car across the way
(Let's just say)
It's an early model Chevrolet
(Let's just say)
It's a warm and windy day
The trash man comes tomorrow
You go and pack your sorrow
Leave it at the curb and we'll just roll away


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